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Real reviews of FIBO Group 2020

2018-05-07 maiami

i lost an incredible amount of money (around seven thousand bucks) a few month ago. you know what exactly happened? this fibo broker just closed my transaction at a self-fabricated price that didn’t even exist in quotes. i believed in positive feedbacks i found thorough the internet, followed their webinars and they promised me the moon. everything was going just brilliant and then they just screwed me. they only explanation i got from their tech support is that my transactions had been closed at the ask price and now they rebuff all of my claims. that were my kinda reserve funds and my family now is butt-naked. what am i supposed to do now? how can i explain it to my kids?!? god damn piece of shit! reading this reviews you can understand how they really treat their customers. and i was a big one investing he amounts. but they just don’t give a fuck!! i hope this story will help someone to avoid being screwed.

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2018-05-01 Malicer

To be honest, i never thought of me submitting any reviews like this about brokerage companies or something. Besides, i never read them before, you know. There was just no need. But when i started to search for a broker it was scary to invest in the first available one, so i decided to find some info. It appeared that people write whatever they want... Quite difficult to judge from these feedbacks, so had to make my own conclusions and check it in practice. Maybe someone feels otherwise and believes in reviews, so i can ensure you guys that you can feel free to do business with FiboGroup dealing center. They really fulfill their obligations. It’s already been 2 years since i started trading here. Everything is up to scratch. I recommend!!!

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2018-03-22 MisterE43

These guys won’t give you a chance to make your own investment and trading decisions. Trust me! First off, they’ll try to egg you on a decision that is ideal for company. And, believe me – they’ll do it professionally by giving you incorrect information at the right time. They’ll tell you things that you want to hear, but not real things. I tried to buy companies stocks and securities and they were only trying to force me up with stocks that are beneficial only for the broker, but not for you. Be careful with this broker, because they do not shun any means in their way of making dirty money. Their scheme is well-organized, so you’ll never prove it. Think about my words before starting business with this broker. Good luck!

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2018-02-20 Zotov

Every forum i enter i often see paid-for bots writing shit bout normal brokerage companies and dealing centers. This company is not an exception(( Fibo is a good brokerc, one of the best you can meet on the financial market nowadays, i am telling ya. It has history and reputation and it’s very telling, you know. I’ve been with ‘em for 2 year already and i can put my money where my mouth is, guys. Don’t believe all these artificial reviews. Try to analyze informations cause it’s always obvious when a feedback was written by a bot!!! Sorry... I’m just really pissed off when i see normal companies are put through the mud. Sorry=))

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2017-06-18 Rem116

I stumbled across this forex rating over the internet and i really like the way they arranged everything here, many reviews and feedback – a lot of info to study. I haven’t tried working with fibo group yet, but one friend of mine advised me to start. I will give it a chance...

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“FIBO Group” — is one of the players on the market of online margin trading. Since the date of establishment in 1998 “FIBO Group” believes that its key principles of work are to protect the customers’ interests and to follow the regulatory authorities rules, especially since “FIBO Group” has only positive reviews. Therefore, the company completely fulfills all designates tasks.

The clients can perform trading via such popular platforms as MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 and cTrader, as well as to check the archive of executions.

The advantages of the broker:

  • financial instruments - Forex, CFD, spot-precious metals, Stocks;
  • analytics from the broker’s experts;
  • economic calendar;
  • online graphics, FIBО analytics in the internet browser;
  • wide variety of the market instruments;
  • several partner programs — IB point and IB percent.

Choose among several trading accounts:

- MT4 Cent

  • Deposit is from 0 cents
  • Leverage is up to 1:1000


  • Low floating spreads
  • Great liquidity from the reliable banks
  • High speed of orders execution with no requotes

- MT4 Fixed

  • Fixed spread from 2 pips.
  • Perfect for automatic trading

- MT4 Floating

  • Profitable for scalping
  • Minimal spread
  • The company is market-maker


  • Market execution of orders with no requotes
  • Possibility of automatic trading
  • Minimal floating spreads

- cTrader NDD

  • Low floating spreads
  • Great liquidity from the reliable banks
  • High speed of orders execution

Trading with “FIBO Group” makes possible to get comfortable working conditions. “FIBO Group” is registered in the British Virgin Islands and in the Republic of Cyprus. Moreover, it is controlled by the financial regulation authorities of the above-mentioned regions.

Numerous branches all over the world allow to deal with the customers of many nationalities. This company is also under the annual audit of its assets in order to comply with the international requirements.

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