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Real reviews of MaxiMarkets 2021

2021-01-18 Viktorych

You can make a profit with Maximarkets. The spreads are adequate, the execution of orders is almost instantaneous, the withdrawal without problems - these are the advantages that first came to my mind offhand. Of course, I also had bad periods in trading on this site, but overall I am satisfied with the result.

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2018-07-19 Invest

i just didn’t understand what was going on when i put some money in this company and found a lot of negative reviews about it. i nearly turned grey reading all these bad things and i decided to withdraw all money, but smart people set my mind right and cooled me down, you know… they told me to learn something about trading and just try a bit=)). now i understand that they were right and that they were real professionals – they didn’t deceive me. i earned around 300 bucks over one month! so don’t set it negative and don’t be afraid before you try something. i confirm that maxi markets is a good brokerage company. positive!

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2018-04-27 Shmel

I’m reading all these reviews and feedbacks and getting more and more shocked about this))) People read them, believe them (based on what i see here) and follow them! Don’t you guys really understand that all this shit is just paid black PR and nothing else?!?! Companies order and pay for good reviews about themselves and negative reviews about their competitors. It’s just some kind of a writing war containing no real information. Sure, there are some real authors here, but you should know about trading to understand whether you read real review or it’s a fake!

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2018-04-20 andrus

i was unlucky with my first manager on maxi markets and i had to move to another one. this one was much better))) but it took me a lot of time and nerves to withdraw money, switch to another trader and place money again. that’s the negative side. but their terminal and signals are good enough for trading. Some problems with analytical data, which isn’t that important for me, but i had to warn newcomers – think before you follow their signals. analysts make mstakes too))). Speaking generally, very nice and professional brokerage company for all kinds of traders. i am not going to leave it right now.

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2017-09-09 Sland1991

Whatever forex brokers’ ratings I see, MaxiMarkets Company always holds good positions. I think it’s a great performance. I also saw many good reviews about it. I made my choice:)

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2017-08-10 JSubaru

It’s pretty comfortable to work via their terminal and no complaints from my side. The minimum deposit they demand is probably not too good for newcomers, but that’s not a big deal as for me and it’s a big advantage for company’s reviews and feedbacks. Normally, big deposits say that you deal not with a shadow company or something, you know…

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2017-08-08 valeo

Even though this company’s place is not in the top ten of the rating, it’s still very good broker and it has shown itself to be a nice broker in accordance with my six-month experience. I’ve got several trading accounts at thу moments.

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2017-06-20 traderok

I got a few things about choosing fx brokerage company, the first is the reputation and reliability, and then goes everything else about trading stuff . maximarkets is on the bench for me now)

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2017-05-18 bond777

Top Forex brokers are all different on various forex-resources. Like, take me for instance… I started to work with MaxiMarkets’ cause it ranked first, and then bam and I see it is not even in the top ten here, but I’m satisfied about it anyway!

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2017-05-12 Gaeva

I have mixed impressions after cooperating with it. It’s fine and conditions are quite profitable. I worked just as I planned, but the money withdrawal procedure is kinda strange.

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2017-03-26 gmoneypro

I traded on the MaxiMarkets's standard account, I did good turnover and earned accordingly. I withdrew my earnings to a bank card, there were no delays in withdrawal, everything was in time. That's my feedback)

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2017-03-21 Gref

I registered a week ago and now I should go through verification so I'll be able to trade. I have a positive attitude!

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2017-03-12 Klod

I've been trading with MaxiMarkets for a long period and during this time I didn't have any problems neither with funds withdrawal nor with the platform. All transactions are processed without delay, therefore I recommend MaxiMarkets as a reliable trading partner.

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​MaxiMarkets is a broker that provides modern services in the Forex industry. The company offers its clients a wide range of instruments, low spreads that maximize profits as well as no additional fees. Numerous reviews about MaxiMarkets from grateful clients confirm the high-quality services offered by the broker.

In 2016 MaxiMarkets became a member of the Financial Commission, which guarantees transparency of work for traders. Trading in the company is carried out using the MetaTrader 4 platform.

MaxiMarkets provides its clients with the following accounts:


  • Minimum deposit: $500
  • Spread: from 2.5 pips.
  • Ордера от 0.1 лота
  • Maximum leverage: 1:400


  • Minimum deposit: $5 000
  • Spread: from 2 pips.
  • Orders from 0.1 lot
  • Maximum leverage: 1:400


  • Minimum deposit: $10 000
  • Spread: from 1.7 pips.
  • Orders from 1 lot
  • Maximum leverage: 1:400


  • Minimum deposit: $25 000
  • Spread: from 1 pips.
  • Orders from 1.5 lot
  • Maximum leverage: 1:400


  • Minimum deposit: $50 000
  • Spread: from 0.5 pips.
  • Orders from 1 lot
  • Maximum leverage: 1:400

Also, a special partner program developed by MaxiMarkets specialists with a bonus of up to $1500 is an additional opportunity to earn money. There is also a system of incentives both for newcomers and clients who have already worked with the company.

The company's website also contains training materials that will help newcomers learn more about financial markets, learn from the experience of professional traders and build most profitable trading strategies.

Funds can be replenished and withdrawn using Visa and Mastercard, WebMoney, MoneyBookers, WesternUnion systems, and bank transfers.   

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