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eToro participates in the promising Spark airdrop

eToro participates in the promising Spark airdrop

eToro announced its plans to participate in the promising Spark airdrop, making it the first major exchange to lend its support to the Flare project. eToro’s global network of 16 million customers will have access to the new smart contracts token.

Spark is the native token of the new blockchain protocol Flare network. Flare Networks is the first Turing protocol with a full Federated Byzantine Agreement (FBA), and will build on a new XRP use case, the execution of XRPL smart contracts. Flare Network will integrate the Ethereum virtual machine, allowing public and private networks to use and execute smart contracts.

Doron Rosenblum, Vice President of Business Solutions at eToro said, “Our mission at eToro is to open up financial markets for more people and participating in the Spark airdrop demonstrates our commitment to the continued development of the Ripple network.”

A snapshot is due to take place on December 12 2020 of people holding XRP tokens across

multiple exchanges in order to decide how many spark tokens these investors are entitled to.

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