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OANDA Rebrands Analytics Service

OANDA Rebrands Analytics Service

Broker OANDA has announced the rebranding of its currency data analytics service. At the same time, the company announced that it will continue to provide all the same services to audit firms, tax authorities and transnational corporations.

Lucien Lauerman, head of OANDA Data Exchange, said: “Our company has always been considered the 'gold standard' for providing extremely reliable information. Now we want to rebrand, but this will not affect the quality of our service. Our team is ready to continue to assist clients in reducing currency risks and increasing profits. We provide only accurate and reliable data".

Along with the rebranding OANDA also launched a new corporate identity FX Data Services. Nice design, easy-to-navigate interface should appeal to the broker's clients. According to Lauerman, the company wants to create an intuitive portal that will be useful for traders. Note, Foreign Exchange Data Services will operate on behalf of a new legal entity - OANDA Business Information and Services Inc.

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