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eToro Drops Leveraged Trading in Europe

eToro Drops Leveraged Trading in Europe

The broker said the decision was made due to the extreme volatility of the financial markets. On January 8th, eToro sent a notice to clients in European countries where CFD trading is permitted. The company demanded an increase in margin to 100%. For those who did not listen to this recommendation, the broker simply closed the deals.

Of course, such a decision by eToro caused negative feedback from traders, who began to attack Twitter with messages that the broker had closed all leveraged cryptocurrency transactions. According to lawyers, the company thereby violated a cooperation agreement with clients.

Note that eToro did send out messages just 4 hours before the close of leveraged cryptocurrency positions. Considering that the company's clients are located in different time zones, many of them simply did not have time to make a timely decision. In addition, it became known that last week the broker decided to increase the initial deposit from $ 200 to $ 1000. The press service of eToro noted that this is due to the sharp increase in demand for trading with leverage.

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