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AvaTrade Introduces New Copy Trading Platform

AvaTrade Introduces New Copy Trading Platform

AvaSocial is an innovative solution that allows users to learn from the professionals and make great deals. This special mobile application will be interesting for both novice and experienced traders, as it will allow them to interact with each other.

The broker notes that the service is regulated by the FCA together with Pelican Trading. A dedicated mobile solution integrates with other AvaTrade platforms to greatly simplify trading and ensure efficient trade execution. AvaSocial helps build your own community of followers who can track strategies, automatically or manually copy signals. AvaSocial users also have the ability to chat with other traders using the instant messaging feature.

“We are delighted to launch AvaSocial in partnership with Pelican Trading. The new platform confirms our commitment to supporting and helping traders learn. - said CEO of AvaTrade Dair Ferguson. - By interacting via chat, users will be able to listen to the recommendations of experts, copy other people's strategies and earn money”.

You can learn more about the pros and cons of working with a broker from the AvaTrade expert review on our portal.

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