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Reviews about “ZAR FX” broker indicate its increasing popularity. The company has been carrying on its trading history since the year 2013. This broker serves many customers, and works with hedge-funds and well-known investment companies. Starting from 2014 the company’s management has decided to deliver a wide range of services to the retail customers.

“ZAR FX” broker, whose rating is rising with every passing day, brings all the opened orders up directly to the leading liquidity providers, while the transactions are opened at the most profitable quotations. The key liquidity providers are such world-famous banks as Barclays, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank and CitiBank.

The special DMA mode can guarantee that the trader will be totally out of any potential disagreements with the broker. On the contrary, the company is interested in skilled and successful traders, who will work on the long-term perspective basis and will show stable trading results getting positive reviews as a reward. “ZAR FX” broker has its own specialized mobile trading application through which any trader can quickly contact his/her personal account manager, as well as receive the latest analytical forecasts and trading signals directly to his/her mobile gadgets.

“ZAR FX” rating depends on many factors, so the company presents such trading conditions as:

  • 65 currency pairs and 23 CFD;
  • 3 types of the trading accounts;
  • Maximum transparency and fairness of all trading operations;
  • Swap-free accounts;
  • Separate calculation of the trading commissions.

The majority of reviews about” ZAR FX” are positive, and the procedure of opening and approval of the trading account has been considerably simplified. This process is fully automated and will not take you too long. The withdrawal and deposition is performed via user-friendly interface of your profile. For the money managers “ZAR FX” company offers one of the market’s best management conditions for PAMM and MAM, as well as various investment programs with different balance between income level and risk. It should also be mentioned that those investments exceeding $5000 are insured by up to 25%.

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Official Website: https://zarforex.com/
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2017-09-20 Super

It’s about time that I realized and learned that the scammers’ list makes perfect sense and we all should monitor our brokers in such lists before starting to cooperate with them. Why mess with some questionable brokers, if we can work with reliable companies?

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2017-07-11 KaneLutorr

After working with this exact company I thought that Forex is some kind of a deceit! Here in this company they are just frauds and slickers, not broker. Well, then, I think it’s good that now I work with a normal company without such a chaos I faced in ZAR FX.

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