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Bitget wallet announces support for Blast Mainnet

Bitget wallet announces support for Blast Mainnet

Web3 trading wallet Bitget Wallet has announced the integration of the Blast mainnet, making it the first universal Web3 wallet for the Blast ecosystem. Bitget Wallet users can now easily add and switch networks within the wallet without the need for manual setup. Furthermore, this integration allows users to manage, transfer, exchange data, and interact during one of the largest L2 launches in 2024.

Bitget Wallet has consolidated the liquidity of major DEXs within the Blast ecosystem, specifically BlasterSwap and MonoSwap, into its Swap feature, providing users with convenient services for trading assets on the Blast blockchain.

"During the Blast testnet phase, Bitget Wallet was among the first to offer support, launching a special zone on its DApp page for Blast," the company stated.

The DApp features over 40 projects from the Blast Big Bang incentive program, offering users potential opportunities for research, interaction, and future airdrops within the Blast ecosystem.

Bitget Wallet emphasized that it will continue to integrate popular projects from the ecosystem following the Blast mainnet launch.

"We aim to leverage cutting-edge technology to lower the barriers to interacting with Web3. By collaborating with quality networks like Blast, we aim to stimulate the growth of the Web3 ecosystem," said Elvin Kan, COO of Bitget Wallet.

Bitget Wallet actively participates in popular projects within the Blast ecosystem, exploring market dynamics, "Stake Layer 2," and strategies for improving TVL.

"This provides users with valuable insights for interacting with the ecosystem," Bitget Wallet declared.

Additionally, Bitget Wallet plans to organize major events in support of the Blast ecosystem, offering users opportunities to discover new assets.

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