Basic guidelines of our community:
  1. 1. Reviews must be developed and grounded to the greatest possible extent.
  2. 2. Reviews that contain ungrounded or unconfirmed facts will be deleted at the discretion of the administration.
  3. 3. It is prohibited to use obscenities and offensive language in reviews.
  4. 4. It is prohibited in reviews to threaten companies or other users and to call for actions that violate the laws of the country.
  5. 5. It is prohibited to post messages of promotional nature.
  6. 6. Reviews that contain a great amount of grammatical mistakes will be deleted at the discretion of the administration.
  7. 7. Reviews that contain personal data (emails, skype, etc.) may be deleted or edited.
  8. 8. It is forbidden to post links that are not related to a review’s topic.
  9. 9. Reviews written in non-Russian language may be deleted if their meaning is unclear due to language barrier.
  10. 10. Reviews not related to a discussed topic will be deleted.
  11. 11. Reviews that for 90% duplicate the text of comments written on other forums may be deleted at the discretion of the administration.
  12. 12. A user’s reviews related to the same company will be merged or deleted at the discretion of the administration.
  13. 13. It is prohibited to manipulate the ratings of the companies, in particular to post reviews under different names and hiding IP-addresses. A moderator may block users involved in rating manipulations and delete their reviews.
  14. 14. By posting a review, a user agrees that during a moderation procedure his message may be edited or deleted due to working guidelines.
  15. 15. Users that do not follow working Community Guidelines will be deleted as well as their reviews.
  16. 16. Users who have received more than three warnings will be banned. Companies that continue to manipulate their rating after three warnings will be added to a Blacklist.
  17. 17. In disputed issues or at broker’s appeal the administration may within 5 days request data that will prove facts in a review. Such facts may include a screenshot, audio or video materials, a correspondence with an official broker representative. If such information is not provided or it is established that the review’s data is untrue, such comments will be deleted or edited based on the received information.
  18. 18. Every review on a mandatory basis should contain information that proves data indicated in a review (account number and screenshots proving that a user is indeed a company’s client). In the absence of such data, the review will be deemed a rating manipulation and will not be counted in the general rating of the company.

General Information

Broker is a participant of a trading process, a liaison between traders/investors and financial markets.

Dealing Center (DC) is practically a broker, but without an ability to conduct interbank trade deals.

Many brokers and dealing centers propose profitable cooperation these days on the market. However, how not to make a mistake and not to fall for frauds who pretend to be honest brokers? When selecting a company, you should first pay attention to their reputation.

Information about the portal contains a list of broker companies, dealing centers and their most accurate description. All brokers are categorized into a few lists: Forex-Brokers Rating, Binary Options Rating and so-called Blacklist, which contains unscrupulous companies. All these ratings are created based on reviews left by traders and investors of different companies.

About guidelines

To present information on brokers and their activity in rating lists as accurately and consistently as possible, there are rules in force that users must follow when writing reviews. The most important rule is that reviews on brokers should be as rich in content as possible and indicate the heart of the problem occurred during the work with a company, or vice-versa, contain facts proving a positive cooperation experience.