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Global stock markets show mixed dynamics

Global stock markets show mixed dynamics

On Monday, global equity markets slightly declined. The markets faced mixed pressures: traders accounted for the employment report released on Friday in the US, which ruled out the possibility of an imminent Federal Reserve rate cut, as well as geopolitical tensions and volatile trading in China.

After rising on news of further US strikes against Iran-supported armed groups in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen, oil prices began to fall again as supply data outweighed concerns related to events in the Middle East.

The MSCI World Index fell by 0.1%. The German and French stock indexes decreased by 0.1% and 0.2% respectively, while the UK's blue-chip FTSE index rose by 0.25%, keeping the overall European index unchanged.

This is usually a signal of slowing economic growth, but according to Mould, the reason may be more complicated for the stocks of these companies, burdened with liquidity problems, having less sophisticated cash flow management systems, less frequently analyzed, and sensitive to interest rate outlooks.

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