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Intel to manufacture AI chips for automobiles

Intel to manufacture AI chips for automobiles

Intel, one of the world's largest computer component manufacturers, has announced the introduction of chips enabling the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in cars, with a Chinese company being the first customer, reports Barron's citing the company.

"Intel on Tuesday unveiled plans to integrate AI-powered PCs into automobiles. The chipmaker announced its first generation of 'system on a chip' (SOC) for what the automotive industry refers to as 'software-defined vehicles', using the same chips it recently released for AI PCs," the portal reports.

The company indicated that the first customer for its SOC would be the Chinese automaker Zeekr, which intends to use these chips in its vehicles, the statement said.

Intel Automotive's General Manager Jack Weast, quoted by the portal, stated that automakers will use the chips for in-car voice assistants with generative AI, which can answer questions about destinations, such as locating the nearest charging station or Starbucks cafe.

Weast also noted that the technology would enable video conferencing features, like background blurring, and monitor dangerous behaviors inside the vehicle by drivers and passengers, such as if children in the back seat are not buckled up, the portal quotes the company representative.

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