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Real reviews of TeleTrade 2020

2020-04-24 Sayance

Is there islamic accounts allowed with no swaps?

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2020-04-26 Pointra

Yeah, there are. U can just, while registering account, choose 'islamic'

2020-04-07 Ronald

Trade with TeleTrade for only 1 reason - copy-trading. I don't know how to trade, it's my problem and I can't learn. No, I know some theory, but my emotions never let me to trade right. I just become nervous and lose everything cause of my mentality. Teletrade copy-trading is my way to be in trading, as that's the most profitable activity in the world, but rely on other master's. Teletrade has pool of such masters, you can check their trading history, their profitability and take a decision which one to choose.

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2020-04-11 Kaste Ainola

The same situation as me. I also trade for copy-trading. I tried to start with other brokerage (won't name it, to avoid creating bad advertising), but it turned to be bad - innitial deposit was too high. On this website is written that the minimum deposit is $1,000, that's wrong - the minimum deposit is $100, its affordable for all traders.

2020-04-14 Tenkor

Good for you! I've known several 'traders' who have lost fortines and, most importnatly YEARS is these attempts to start being profitable on the market. I guess some people simply can't learn. NOt becuase they are stupid or anything. Its just a matter of personality. Not everyone can take control of emotions. So copy-trading here is probably a good choice for people with similar problems.

2020-04-06 Joshua Veenstra

Teletrade is broker with good reputation, I can even say it's populae among the traders and it's whyI choose it. Yeah, I know it's regulated, but regulations don't work sometimes, you know? Btw, reputation works ALWAYS if broker has good one, it will never take unpleasant actions, as it really takes care about reputation and is afraid to lost it.

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2020-03-28 Ulfried

I've been trading at Teletrade for a long time, but I have a question, I've only used small amounts before and everything was OK. If I now want to withdraw over $2,000 at a time, can I do it?

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2020-03-30 Dawnraven

Of course, why not, as far as I know, there's no limit to it. And if the payment system won't skip, because of the limits, you'll be split into parts, that's all.

2020-03-18 Richard Gray

If you are interested in trading, then you should definitely pay attention to Tele Trade because there are not so many brokers who really strive to provide their clients with useful information about the market and the opportunity to trade at any time in comfortable conditions. Add to this the fact that here you can withdraw money when you need it and without excessive commissions. This is the classic broker, which was needed then and is needed now. So I'd recommend trying it, I think the terms will suit a lot of people.

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Teletrade D.J. Limited was established in 1994 and operates under the brand of the Teletrade Group. The company is one of the initiators of the opening of the CRFIN. The broker provides consulting services on selection of investment methods.

Advantages of cooperation with TeleTrade:

  • No additional fees.
  • Investment programs: Master Invest and the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
  • Free education: training for beginners and professional traders
  • More than 80 trading instruments, including pairs of currencies, CFD for indices, spot.

Two accounts are offered for trading:

1. Standard

  • Minimum deposit: $1000
  • Orders are executed according to the system:Instant execution
  • Spread: fixed
  • Minimum transactions volume: 1 lot
  • Maximum leverage: 1:100

2. Professional

  • Minimum deposit: $1000
  • Orders are executed according to the system: Market execution
  • Spread: floating
  • Minimum transactions volume: 1 lot
  • Maximum leverage: 1:100

Trading with TeleTrade is carried out using MT4, MT4 MultiTerminal, MT5 trading terminals. Also, there is the browser-based version of MetaTrader 4 which does not require downloading - MT4 WebTerminal as well as mobile applications of the platform for devices with IOS, Android and MAC operation systems.

The company offers clients analytical materials for making the most profitable transactions. The materials include: market news, reviews, technical analysis, interest rates, quotes, video reviews, trading signals and much more.

There is a partner program 'Earn with a friend' for the clients who wish to receive additional profit. The partner investment program 'Trader Exchange' allows to choose a successful trader who can trade on the investor's account. Positive feedback on Teletrade only strengthens the broker's reputation and confirms the high quality of the services provided by the company.

Clients can replenish the deposit and withdraw funds using WebMoney, Qiwi, Skrill, YandexMoney payment systems as well as bank transfer and Visa/MasterCard.

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