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Top 10 stocks popular with Saxo Bank customers

Top 10 stocks popular with Saxo Bank customers

Saxo Bank notes that the first half of 2020 was like a roller coaster for many investors. The third quarter began with a rally in tech stocks in July-August and ended with pre-election uncertainty in the US and the second wave of coronavirus.

The performance of companies in the technology sector was less susceptible to the effects of the global pandemic. On the contrary, for many it gave a new impetus in the era of rapid digitalization.

However, uncertainty is beginning to emerge during the US elections. The communications, healthcare and information technology sectors that were victorious under Trump, under Biden, may be in trouble.

Saxo Bank Account Manager Edgar Kuplays noted that international clients followed general market trends and focused on trading shares of technology giants: Apple, Amazon, Microsoft. However, the most popular promotion was Tesla, which traditionally attracts as many fans.

So, the most popular promotions among Saxo Bank clients for the third quarter:

1. Boeing;

2. Microsoft;

3. Facebook;

4. Carnival;

5. Apple;

6. Tesla;

7. Apple;

8. Amazon;

9. Microsoft;

10. Nio.

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