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Saxo shocking predictions for 2021

Saxo shocking predictions for 2021

“Shocking forecasts” for the global economy have already become a tradition for Saxo Bank. The broker annually wangs and predicts events that may affect the financial markets.

In particular, for 2020 Saxo Bank predicted a weakening of the US dollar. Apparently, 2021 will be a very busy year:

1. Amazon will "buy" Cyprus. The company bribed the country's political power to relocate its European headquarters.

2. Germany will pay for France. The government guarantee program and incentive measures have not yielded any results, so the largest French banks will need to sell their shares. Saxo predicts that France will ask Germany for help in solving the problematic issue. The ECB will have to print a lot of euros to prevent a systemic collapse.

3. Blockchain will fight disinformation. The use of innovative technology will allow you to check the news for reliability. Twitter and Facebook both rely on blockchain and are investing large sums in the technology.

4. China will issue digital yuan to open up access to its markets for foreigners. Despite the fact that the new cryptocurrency will be unsecured, it will eliminate the risk of capital outflow from the country.

5. Metropolitan areas will be empty. Due to the transition to teleworking, prices for commercial real estate will fall, and the number of offers on the labor market will decrease. Young people will stay where they grew up.

The company also predicts an increase in demand for silver, growth in emerging economies, etc. Do you think Saxo's forecasts will come true or not?

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