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Broker OANDA Signs Deal with FairXchange

Broker OANDA Signs Deal with FairXchange

One of the world leaders in the online trading of assets and foreign exchange data - OANDA announced a partnership with FairXchange. The broker will have access to the Horizon analytic platform from FairXchange, which will optimize their business, as well as facilitate constructive dialogue between counterparties.

OANDA's Head of Trading, Mark Chesterman, said: “Over the 24 years since its inception, OANDA has been striving to build a positive reputation. We have partnered with FairXchange to facilitate communication with liquidity partners using market-leading microstructural analysis. Ultimately this should have a positive impact on pricing for our customers".

FairXchange CEO Guy Hopkins says he is delighted to be partnering with OANDA. “Our philosophy is that all participants in the financial markets should be able to make profitable deals. As an independent company, we are ready to offer OANDA an honest and transparent partnership”, said Guy Hopkins.

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