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Forex Club analysts believe that cryptocurrency will still grow

Forex Club analysts believe that cryptocurrency will still grow

The positive sentiments of the crypto market participants are quite justified. On December 17, Bitcoin reached its all-time high, breaking the psychological mark of $ 22,000. Forex Club analysts believe the rally is linked to hopes for mass vaccinations and a victory over the coronavirus. In addition, the positive sentiment is associated with the infrastructure news of the crypto market.

For example, the Chicago Stock Exchange announced the launch of an index for digital currencies in 2021. The work on the new tool is being carried out jointly with CoinRouters. It is already known that the index will show historical data and the dynamics of the price of digital assets.

According to Forex Club analysts, Bitcoin grew by 11% per day. The capitalization of the first cryptocurrency is $ 403.5 billion. The growth of other cryptocurrencies was also recorded - litecoin, ethereum, etc. The total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market reached $ 623.2 billion. According to the company's employees, in the near future the cost of bitcoin will grow, but then there will be a correctional depreciation. However, in any case, the first cryptocurrency will no longer go below $ 20,000.

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