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RoboForex analyst talks about promising investments in 2021

RoboForex analyst talks about promising investments in 2021

Will Bitcoin continue to rise in price? Which stocks are considered the most promising? The answers to these questions were given by Roboforex analyst Andrey Goilov. He noted that after the bullish rally, many investors see Bitcoin as a defensive asset and compare it to gold.

According to the expert, the cryptocurrency market is young and is developing rapidly. It's no surprise that digital coins are gaining attention in times of crisis. However, Goilov notes that, unlike fiat assets, cryptocurrencies are not backed by anything. It all depends on the market sentiment. The expert says that BTC has chances for continued growth, but this will not happen in the next few weeks, since the market volatility already exceeds all conceivable limits.

In terms of stocks, the most interesting are technology sector securities. The analyst also recommends paying attention to the Consumer Cyclical sector, which showed good returns in 2020 (this includes stocks of companies such as Amazon, Home Depot, etc.).

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