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Binomo told how to turn information into profit

Binomo told how to turn information into profit

It's about news trading. Binomo notes that this strategy is versatile and great even for beginners. Base currencies, cryptocurrencies, indices, etc. can be considered as assets for trading.

The strategy is very interesting. In order to trade on the news, it is necessary to carefully monitor and analyze events that may affect the further behavior of the asset. Knowing the time of the statistics release, the user makes a trading plan.

In this strategy, it is important to pay attention to news stories and data that do not meet expectations. In particular, data for the US often disagree with analysts' opinion, which affects the exchange rate. It is this discrepancy that becomes the driver of the rise or fall in prices. The agreement should be concluded after the appearance of macroeconomic indicators. It should be noted that statistics from different countries are published daily in the economic calendar.

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