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LiteFinance warns its clients of phishing websites

LiteFinance warns its clients of phishing websites

Broker LiteFinance has issued a warning about a recent increase in scams involving the illegal use of the company's trademark to create fake social media groups and chats, as well as fake websites.

"Fraudsters or competitors sometimes create a fake client service account on Telegram and send text messages to our clients in the name of the company in order to obtain their personal information or tarnish the company's reputation," LiteFinance said.

The broker urges its users to be cautious and pay attention to what domain name is used in the links and who sent the message.

The company draws attention to the fact that more and more often its clients receive fake messages via social networks in order to get them to deposit funds using payment details that differ from the company's payment details. Therefore, LiteFinance strongly recommends depositing or withdrawing money only through your personal account using the payment details specified in the "Finance" section.

In addition, the broker emphasizes that LiteFinance employees or LiteFinance support never ask for passwords or confidential payment details from clients.

Also, the support team never:

- contact clients first on social networks and messengers.

- ask clients to install remote access software.

- ask for passwords or other payment details that would give access to your accounts or money.

The official support team is contacted only through the email or phone number provided in the client profile and through the internal support communication channel on the online platform.

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