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Interactive Brokers releases December 2023 figures

Interactive Brokers releases December 2023 figures

Interactive Brokers has announced its December 2023 financials.

Interactive Brokers recorded 1.972 million daily average revenue trades (DARTs) in December 2023, up 13% year-over-year and 4% higher than November.

Client capital grew 39% year-over-year and 5% month-over-month to $426.0 billion during the period.

Client margin loan balances reached $44.4 billion, up 14% year-over-year and 5% month-over-month.

The number of client accounts increased 23% year-over-year and 2% over November, reaching 2.56 million in December.

The average commission per order executed was $3.17, including exchange, clearing, and regulatory fees.

Interactive Brokers recently announced that its client base has surpassed the 2.5 million mark, primarily due to the broker's popularity, global expansion program, and innovative solutions aimed at providing users with greater trading opportunities.

Interactive Brokers began operations in 1977 and has won many prestigious awards and honors. The company offers its clients a wide range of services for both active trading and investment.

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