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Axi has unveiled Axi Select as the future of prop trading

Axi has unveiled Axi Select as the future of prop trading

Broker Axi has announced that its Axi Select capital allocation program for talented traders represents the future of the prop trading firm model, which is highly relevant in light of recent negative developments in the prop trading industry.

The problems in the prop trading industry have resulted in many firms having to suspend or terminate their services due to pressure from regulators, broker partners, and technology providers.

Axi Select is a unique capital allocation program specifically designed to help you succeed as a professional trader.

Hailed by many experts as the future of the industry, the program is completely different from established pro-trading standards, offering real control in terms of execution, transparency, and fair market conditions.

Since launching in mid-2023, Axi Select has seen an incredible 40% increase in the number of active clients per month on its platforms.

"The proprietary trading industry was completely turned upside down last week, with many firms having to suspend their services due to external pressures," said Greg Rubin, Head of Axi Select.

"We saw this coming, so we developed a capital allocation program based on our real trading account model, which has been available in over 100 countries for over 16 years. This gave us confidence that Axi Select would be a long-term solution for the proprietary trading community and would not be subject to the problems currently faced by proprietary firms that offer a demo account registration fee model and are under constant regulatory pressure," he added.

Axi Select offers funding up to $1 million in a structured and fair manner. This allows clients to keep up to 90% of their profits.

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