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Pepperstone announces a Trader Drills and Skills Workshop

Pepperstone announces a Trader Drills and Skills Workshop

Broker Pepperstone, as part of its client support program, offers you the opportunity to learn and improve your trading skills by attending a Trader Drills and Skills Workshop.

The workshop will be held on February 27, 2024, at 18:00 UTC.

During the event, traders will learn a variety of trading exercises and techniques that will help them hone their trading.

- Eliminating overtrading.

- Controlling your mindset.

- Execution and decision-making drills.

- Adding and maintaining winning trades.

- Discipline lessons, and much more.

The workshop is taught by trading expert and trader Mark Halstead. Halstead is the host of the UK Spreadbetting YouTube channel and the founder of the Traders Mastermind trading community. He also develops robust discretionary trading strategies and trader education programs.

To attend the workshop, you need to register on the event page.

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