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FBS supports Masibambane College

FBS supports Masibambane College

As part of its partnership with Education Africa, broker FBS has supported the improvement of facilities at Masibambane College in Orange Farm, Johannesburg.

Broker FBS has funded work to refurbish the school clock, the main symbol of Masibambane College.

"With the new clock, students will be able to easily navigate their schedules and manage their daily routines, helping them to be more punctual and productive," the company said in a message.

In March, members of Education Africa, Masibambane students, and teachers organized a ceremony to unveil the new school clock, now called the FBS Clock.

"The FBS clock means a lot to all of us," said Oratil, a Grade 10 student at Masibambane College.

FBS, in partnership with Education Africa, is committed to supporting the continued growth and success of Masibambane College.

The support provided is a significant step forward in strengthening the school's infrastructure and instilling hope in the people of Orange Farm.

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