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Saxo Bank works to upgrade its trading platform

Saxo Bank works to upgrade its trading platform

Saxo Bank, a Danish bank specializing in online trading and investment, is preparing a platform upgrade that will improve the end-user experience.

In the near future, Saxo Bank will release an update containing a symbol indicating that a product is not tradable and why.

The "Trade" button will be active when a trader has an open position, allowing them to close it. If there is no open position, the "Trade" button will be disabled and a warning will appear.

The warning will appear in the "Tradeboard" and "Dealing" fields if the trader is on the side that cannot close the position.

Depending on the situation, the update will also display error messages and explanations as to why the instrument cannot be traded.

Previously, Saxo Bank announced that Steen Jacobsen, Chief Economist and Chief Investment Officer, would be leaving the company after more than 20 years.

During his tenure at Saxo Bank, Steen Jacobsen has held various positions and has been instrumental in building the company's reputation for in-depth financial research and analysis.

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