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Grand Capital launched Payback bonus program

Grand Capital launched Payback bonus program

Broker Grand Capital has launched a new loyalty program called Payback, in which its participants will be able to receive a daily bonus in real money for active trading.

The company emphasized that the Payback program has no hidden conditions or requirements to work with lots.

"We simply reward clients with real money for active trading," Grand Capital said in a message.

Advantages of the Payback program:

- Payback bonus is real money that you can withdraw as soon as it is deposited into your account.

- Reward is not tied to the number of lots, but only to the number of days the participant has traded.

- Bonus is calculated from the sixth day of continuous trading. The more days a participant trades continuously, the higher his/her premium will be.

- Bonus is calculated on a daily basis.

- Amount of the premium is calculated based on the number of days of continuous trading. In addition, the program has statuses for convenience.


- Newbie: Rewards are accrued on a daily basis.

- Bronze: 6 to 15 days of continuous trading.

- Silver: 16 to 30 days of continuous trading.

- Gold: More than 31 days of continuous trading.

To participate in the program, you need to have or open a standard account, trade FOREX and FOREX METALS instruments for at least 6 days and make at least one trade per day.

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