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Weltrade launches trading with modeling capabilities

Weltrade launches trading with modeling capabilities

Broker Weltrade has unveiled SyntX, synthetic trading tools that offer trading in the markets through modeling capabilities.

"Unlike traditional stock or forex trading, SyntX are simulated tools that mimic the price movements of real assets," the broker said in a message.

These tools are designed to mimic the behavior of other financial assets such as stocks, currency pairs, etc., allowing a trader to potentially assume different risk and return profiles or capital requirements.

SyntX trading is available on the Weltrade platform, which offers its users a user-friendly interface, extensive educational resources and specialized support.

Advantages of trading with SyntX:

- Trade with leverage up to 1:10000.

- Volatility up to 8 times higher than even gold (XAU/USD).

- Spreads 5-10 times tighter than traditional instruments.

- 24/7 access to the SyntX market.

The broker notes that traders can improve their trading skills in a simulated environment on a demo account using the Financial Market Mirror tool.

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