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SimpleFX users can use USDT for staking and trading

SimpleFX users can use USDT for staking and trading

Broker SimpleFX has announced that its Stake & Trade feature is now available for USDT. This allows users to earn interest on USDT stakes using the same funds for margin trading.

"Staking USDT through SimpleFX allows you to earn interest while maintaining the flexibility to trade delivered assets. This feature provides a convenient and efficient way to make cryptocurrency work for you," the company said in a statement.

The broker points out that staking USDT allows you to earn passive income while still being able to trade those funds freely.

In addition, joining the liquidity pool does not involve any commissions or subscription fees and does not require a minimum deposit.

Also, the user's account balance in USDT automatically participates in the stakes, which guarantees the maximum possible profit.

At the same time, the broker said that as the cryptocurrency ecosystem develops, stakeable coins are expected to grow in value. Therefore, by staking them, users can capitalize on the growing popularity of this currency.

If a user already has USDT in their account, they will automatically start earning interest when the feature launches, or you can add USDT and join the liquidity pool.

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