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FreshForex draws investors' attention to gold and Bitcoin

FreshForex draws investors' attention to gold and Bitcoin

Broker FreshForex notes that on May 20, the price of gold reached a new all-time high of $2,450 per ounce, with a peak growth of 17.5% since the beginning of the current year.

Earlier, it was predicted that the price of gold could rise to $3,500 per troy ounce, and the current trends only confirm these expectations.

At the same time, Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by capitalization, also rose 8% to the $72,000 level. Bitcoin is already up 73% since the beginning of the year.

"Gold and Bitcoin form a powerful duo to protect and multiply capital," FreshForex analysts said.

The benefits of investing in gold and Bitcoin include inflation protection, portfolio diversification, capital inflow, and consideration of geopolitical risks.

In addition, the limited supply of these assets increases their value in conditions of growing money supply, which is a guarantee of their further price growth.

FreshForex analysts believe that the growth potential of gold and Bitcoin is not exhausted, which makes them attractive assets for investors and traders.

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