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Fortex partners with Swissquote to boost liquidity

Fortex partners with Swissquote to boost liquidity

Fortex, a leading provider of technology solutions for forex and CFD trading, has announced its integration with Swiss company Swissquote.

The partnership will provide brokers with access to deep pools of liquidity, enabling better trading conditions and faster trade execution.

The combination of Fortex's technology with Swissquote's high liquidity will enhance trading opportunities for FX/CFD firms. Through this collaboration, brokers will be able to access Swissquote's liquidity pools, which should lead to improved spreads and market pricing, making trading more competitive and convenient for end users.

"This partnership is in line with our mission to provide brokers with superior trading technology and resources. The improved liquidity and trading conditions will significantly benefit our clients by helping them achieve better trading results," said Aris Christoforou, Head of Marketing & Operations EMEA at Fortex.

It is worth noting that Fortex continues to develop its platform, offering new features and tools to its clients. The partnership with Swissquote is designed to complement this process and improve access to liquidity for brokers.

In a separate announcement, Swissquote also announced a partnership with B2C2, an institutional liquidity provider for digital assets. This collaboration aims to increase liquidity on the SQX exchange and further strengthen Swissquote's position as a leading participant in crypto trading.

Both partnerships demonstrate the companies' commitment to improving trading conditions and providing a better experience for their clients in the financial investment industry.

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