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Gerchik & CO: Top 5 most profitable strategies since inception

Gerchik & CO: Top 5 most profitable strategies since inception

Gerchik & CO has unveiled the top five most profitable trading strategies, reflecting impressive returns since their inception.

These strategies cater to diverse investor preferences, from aggressive and high-risk to conservative and low-risk.

A detailed review of the strategies and their performance:

1. Aggressive Strategies.

    - Derevo stands out with a remarkable 1079% return over its 1475 days of operation. Despite its aggressive nature, the strategy maintains a maximum drawdown of 59.57%. Currently, Derevo has 161 active investors, controlling 99.07% of the capital, making it one of the most popular strategies.
    - Over 546 days, the Andromeda strategy has yielded a return of 684.31%, with a maximum drawdown of 54.96%. In June, the number of active investors rose from 16 to 17, holding 73.41% of the capital. This strategy is moderately aggressive, attracting investors seeking significant returns.
    - Index-FX, a new entrant, has delivered a return of 182.91% in just 118 days. With a maximum drawdown of 71.21%, it remains a highly aggressive strategy. Currently, Index-FX has one active investor, holding 7.81% of the capital, and it provided an 8.44% return in June.
    - Over 1,798 days, the SECRET strategy has achieved a return of 73.77% with a maximum drawdown of 66.64%. Fully funded by investor capital, this strategy continues to attract those looking for high-risk, high-reward opportunities.

2. Moderate and Conservative Strategies.

    - Brilliant is a standout low-risk strategy, offering a return of 105.75% over 2,371 days. With a maximum drawdown of just 22.24%, it appeals to cautious investors seeking steady growth. This strategy’s reliability and consistent performance make it a favorite among conservative investors.
    - The EVA strategy has returned 71.58% over 281 days, with a maximum drawdown of 28.21%. Classified as moderate, it suits investors preferring gradual capital growth. In June, EVA provided a substantial 22.83% return, highlighting its potential for stable profits.
    - A new addition to the review, Y-K has shown impressive returns of 42.05% in 122 days. With a moderate drawdown of 32.26%, this strategy caters to those seeking balanced risk and reward. In June, it yielded a 3.69% return for its investors.
    - Level Trading Profy offers a steady yield curve, achieving a 35.77% return over 1,297 days with a maximum drawdown of 15.27%. The number of active investors has increased from three to five, and in June, the strategy provided a 1.24% return.

Gerchik & CO’s top strategies showcase a variety of investment approaches, from aggressive to conservative. Each strategy is designed to meet different investor needs, whether seeking high returns with higher risks or preferring steady growth with lower risk.

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