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FBS and Save the Children supported 8,500 displaced children in Thailand

FBS and Save the Children supported 8,500 displaced children in Thailand

FBS, in collaboration with Save the Children, has made a significant impact on the lives of children displaced by the conflict in Myanmar, now residing in Mae Sot, Thailand.

FBS facilitated a series of educational and awareness activities, benefiting over 8,500 children. These sessions covered vital topics such as personal safety, Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV), hygiene, sanitation, and the use of Home-Based Learning Kits (HBL).

Guillaume Rachou, Executive Director of Save the Children Thailand, expressed gratitude towards FBS, highlighting the importance of such support in providing these children with a semblance of normalcy and the opportunity to continue their education despite the challenges they face.

Rachou emphasized, “Children fleeing conflict lack access to basic rights and are unable to pursue their education due to their circumstances. Having a partner like FBS supporting these activities for children helps alleviate their stress while allowing them to maintain their smiles and well-being.”

This collaboration underscores the commitment of both FBS and Save the Children to support vulnerable communities, positively impacting the lives of children and their families affected by conflict.

Save the Children is the world’s first and leading independent children’s organization, dedicated to responding to major emergencies, supporting children to escape poverty, and ensuring their voices are heard to build a better future.

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