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AMarkets talked about its updates in June

AMarkets talked about its updates in June

In June, AMarkets introduced several new features and enhancements to provide its users with greater opportunities in the financial markets.

The account opening process for both live and demo accounts has been optimized, allowing clients to open new accounts in just three clicks. This updated process also features a new visual design while maintaining the same technical functionality.

In terms of security, AMarkets introduced a new feature that allows users to view login history and active sessions directly in the app and on the desktop platform. This enhancement provides greater transparency and allows users to control account access, easily identifying any potential security issues.

Additionally, AMarkets is preparing to launch Premium Market Analysis exclusively for clients with GOLD status. This service, scheduled to launch next week, will offer in-depth market analysis, profitable trading ideas and daily updates on major market events. This new service is part of the revamped Gold program designed to provide valuable insights directly within the AMarkets app.

AMarkets remains committed to continuously improving the trading experience for its clients by providing them with the tools and information they need to succeed in the financial markets.

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