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Real reviews of ActivTrades 2022

2022-10-05 Grewal

All the activtrades reviews were right! This is an amazing broker with brilliant trading opportunities.
I just don’t even know what to mention because this company excels in every aspect of trading. And on top of that it is amazingly reliable.

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2022-09-21 Nazlued

As for leverage, activtrades are very conservative and cautious. So the leverage is lower than that of other brokers, but this is a plus for some and a minus for others.

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2022-09-14 grouck

I know there are a lot of ActivTrades reviews online about platforms broker offers to its customers. But I also want to write about it.
The point is that ActivTrades is my first broker. And I had time to try trading on all platforms and use all features broker offers.
As everyone knows, broker offers 3 trading platforms to choose from:
- MetaTrader4;
- MetaTrader5;
- ActivTrader;
At the same time, each platform can be used on smartphone.
I can say that each of these platforms has its advantages. When I read description of each platform, I did not understand what it says. It was easier for me to try each platform in order to see the advantages and choose the best one.
In the end, I realized that I could not choose which platform suited me best with its functionality. And I chose the one that I liked the most by feel. I will not name it. Let it remain a secret. The most important thing is that I am satisfied with my choice.

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2022-08-28 Roberto Moreno

ActivTrades is way more technological than other brokers. I tried branded indicators and add-ons and was very impressed. So handy to use it via Metatrader trading platform. It helps to trade and saves a lot of time!

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2022-08-26 Daniele Piras

I like that thanks to this broker's educational guides and opportunity to trade on demo account, I learned how to trade very quickly. Now I have two trading strategies that bring me some profit.
I will be professional trader soon!

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2022-08-20 Soberi bin Zawawi

didn't notice any reviews which would be negative, probably, there is nothing to complain about. I would state that its' too much information about the broker's conditions on th website.
get ready to spend at least an hour, or even more researching this info.

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2022-08-17 Pranab Kapadia

I stumbled upon Activtrades a while back. It has been over a year, and I’m still trading with the broker. For some traders, just the spreads are good enough to make a decision with a broker. But there is a lot more to this Activtrades than just the spreads.

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2022-08-11 Gustaf Weber

Accidentally faced this broker in the internet, or if we will be more precise, I was advised to check out the list of tops brokers, and ActivTrades was almost on the top.
And for a good reason. There are lots of advantages over other brokers, just look at the instruments. Various smart tools, I don't even sort all of them out...
I suppose, it's cool. By the way, as I am writing here, maybe someone can help me to sort out what is SmartTemplate?

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2022-08-06 Pravin Rege

I trade US indices such as USA500, USAIND, USDIND, USAVIX with the broker. The execution suits me. Perhaps, later I will also try some European indices.

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2022-08-06 Budgunir

Recently ran across the Activtrades corporate events section. Basically it’s about the extra income if you trade shares. You can get dividends when you buy underlying equity. Note that if the position is short the certain amount will be charged from your deposit.

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2022-07-31 Dorian F.

I study on broker's resources. Even though I have only been trading for 2 weeks, I can already feel progress! Soon I will be trader thanks to ActivTrades. The most IMPORTANT thing is that I will be successful trader, I hope.

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2022-07-21 Jaanus Mets

It took me a lot of time to figure out the trading conditions of activtrades. And I think I understood only part of the information on the website. The broker should be more client-oriented and make the information accessible to everyone, not only for experienced customers.

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2022-07-14 Pablo Carmona

I don't think this broker can be suitable for novices. Yeah, of course there are learning materials and cool demo platform, but there are so much tools which will blow up the minds of new traders imho.

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2022-07-10 Dambler

I used to trade with another trading platform, but once I switch broker to Activtrade and began to use Metatrader I understood the difference. Plus Activtrades has a branded indicators, from which smartpattern is my favourite. I never invented so many strategies before I installed it

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2022-07-08 Luqmanul

I will tell you about my experience with indicators available on broker's website.
I used Pivot Points Indicator and unfortunately got losses. I will be testing indicator on my demo until earning income. And only after tests I will return to trading.

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2022-07-07 Carlos Ortega

I think everything you need to know is that I gave up all of my forex trading accounts at different brokers and left the activtrades one. After years of searching I think I found the one I was looking for.

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2022-06-29 Nendukk

I am grateful to ActivTrades because I can now trade on financial markets by myself and make stable profits from it!
I'm sure it's every beginner's dream. From my experience I have realized that trading may bring stable income. But it requires hard work.
Just like any other profession, trading should start with education!
ActivTrades understands this too and ready to help new traders. Therefore I wanted to share my impressions about it.
First of all, education at ActivTrades is absolutely free. All educational materials and educational videos are available to all traders!

This is what you can find on ActivTrades resources:
- To start education it is enough to open demo account and find special section on company's website.
- You can also subscribe to the broker's channel on YouTube. Here you can find a lot of interesting, useful and funny videos!
- I really enjoyed trader's glossary that you can find on official website. If newbie doesn't know what leverage is, glossary has answer to this question.
- In addition to these resources, which I have mentioned, you can find many other helpful information on this website.

Thanks to all these materials and videos, I learned how to trade. That's why I am so inspired to write this ActivTrades review!

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2022-06-21 Gangis

ActivTrades for became an opportunity to earn money. I lost my job because of the lack of workplaces. It was awful, but at the same time I realized that where the doors close, new ones open.
I started trading here. Now have income. Everything because of the help from this broker. Customer support team is real miracle.

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2022-06-14 Tobias Berg

I like to get everything in one place. I mean, ActivTrades provides everything I need. Learn analytics and get new knowledge on broker's website. Test strategies on broker's demo account and trade on broker's platform. Everything is comfortable!

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2022-06-09 willison

I can’t take negative reviews of ActivTrades seriously. This is one of the most reliable broker I’ve encountered. Just confess to yourself that your incompetence and lack of temper drove you into the wall. Being an adult means to be accountable for your actions.

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The ActivTrades company is the largest international broker which occupies a leading position in the field of the Forex industry in the territory of the states of the European Union.

The main direction of the broker's activity is investment in the financial market, operations with indexes, goods, contracts for the difference, shares of the largest corporations of the United States and Asia.

Also, the company is a member of the FSCS program, which guarantees the safety of money available on deposits of clients which they invest together with partner companies. Numerous reviews on the good work of ActivTrades are proof of the high level of trust from clients.

Advantages of ActivTrades:

  • the company is regulated by FSCS and FCA
  • all accounts in the company are segregated
  • wide range of services
  • free access to Autochartist
  • Great choice of investment decisions
  • free VPS server

The following services are available for the broker's clients:

  • Trading on Forex, CFD;
  • institutional services;
  • remuneration program;
  • Molanis service is a package of products to enhance the capabilities of the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5;
  • automated trading on MQL4;
  • affiliate programs;
  • Training in trading;
  • Multilingual client support in 24/5 mode

The ActivTrades company provides clients with one Real type of account with a deposit of 100 USD. Trading with a wide range of assets with narrow spreads will immediately become available after opening an account. In this account, clients will be able to assess the privileges of direct access to the interbank market by trading both mini- and micro-lots.

MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 are offered for trading.

There is access to applications which improve strategy and trade:

  • tools for building trading strategies - SmartOrder and SmartLines;
  • tools SmartForecast and SmartPattern;
  • different indicators.

Active clients of the company are provided with access to premium products - VPS (Virtual Private Server) and Molanis.


ActivTrades provides professional clients with a wide range of individual solutions including prop-trading and operations using the White label brand.

Our clients can replenish or withdraw their funds by:

  • bank transfer;
  • debit cards;
  • Neteller, Skrill, SOFORT.

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