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Real reviews of BELARTA 2024

2021-01-04 ROD78

I’ve never seen such a horrible scam! They exploit the gullibility of the novice traders and boldly impose their products, promising pie in the sky. But, it turned out that it is a shell company without the license, or even an office. Fellow traders, please be very cautious and check all information about the broker several times, before deciding to entrust them your money. Nobody has a spare 1,000 that you can gift to scam brokers.

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2020-12-16 RioNote

I had some bad luck – I did not read the reviews and bought into the calls of BELARTA managers, who promised me good returns with no risks. They swindled $1,000 out of me, allegedly because that was the minimum amount you could work with on the Forex market. The truth was they just tried to collect as much money as they could and disappear with it. I felt something wrong right away – some weird things started to happen with the platform, gapping. The manager stopped returning my calls. I tried to withdraw funds, but they were blocked without reason. Soon, the website of this scam broker was shut down altogether and my money was lost.

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2018-02-01 AnnP68

im not the one who deals with a few cents so i invested big bucks… actually i thought that $1000 entry threshold would gimme good profits and interesting trading conditions. well i’ve just found out i was so wrong. right away after opening my acc i got into some troubles with their tt. it was just kicking me out and i had to relogin again and again, and then it stopped responding to my commands. all i saw on the screen was “wrong pasword” message. of course i contacted their support service, but they only advised me to reboot my computer…)))) lol what the heck is going on with u? it is totally not what traders expect to hear from a support team. eventualy i spent 3 days trading with belarta… nothing changed and i switched to another broker. i just wanna say that im a skilled trader with years of trading experience, but I lost about 150 bucks because of their technical lugs. btw, it was also a problem to withdraw the rest of my money… i was stuck waiting for 5 days. don’t deal with this broker dudes!!!

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2017-12-04 AndresH

Belarta is a pure and simple lottery scam, and it’s definetely not a good place for newcomers, at least because their minimum deposit is 1000 dollars! Are you kidding me?=))) МТ4 platform runs badly, orders are not executed in time. Belarta is definitely for those, who don’t care about money.

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2017-09-15 giza

I think this company’s fizzled out already, or maybe achieving this moment. Now everyone knows what exactly Belarta is up to.

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2017-08-14 mihail1

Belarta is just the leader of rating forex-scams rating. I want to say it’s deservedly, IMHO. This company plays unfairly – constant slippages and lies all the time.

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2017-05-10 saad06

I don’t even have the heart to call it a “company”. I visited Belarta website, wanted to check with their support some trading nuances they write about on their site, and they didn’t even tell me a word. It looks like they don’t want to answer even to their future clients... what’s the argument against it, huh? That’s what made me write this short review to prevent other people from wasting their money with this broker!

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2017-04-29 Minerva111

Don’t even think of trading with this agency. Belarta is not the company that likes to withdraw money earned by its customers. Steady mess with personal documents and their support service is impossible to get on the phone. My review is not a single one throughout the Internet. Don’t work with it.

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This company is added to the Blaсklist of brokers

“Belarta” company is a broker that offers an access to the world’s financial markets through the different trading platforms. Various thematic resources contain a lot of reviews about this company and its financial activity.

“Belarta” broker presents the following trading conditions:

  • No interference of dealing centers.
  • Complete anonymity of trading transactions.
  • No requotes
  • Competitive prices.
  • Personal segregated accounts.

The company also provides trader with 1 trading account:

Live Account is an account popular among those who try a large amount of strategies and automatic trading systems as well as among beginners.

Working conditions:

  • Мin deposit: 1000 USD
  • Execution of trading transactions: Market Execution
  • Spread: from 0.3 p.
  • Мin volume of trading transactions: 0.01 lot
  • Stop Out: 75%
  • Leverage: up to 1:500
  • No additional fees

Trading in Belarta is conducted with MetaTrader4, Pro Trader and Web Trader.

There are three types of affiliate program you can use as an additional way to make money: standard, White Label and introducing broker.

Traders can replenish and withdraw money through bank transfer and internal transfer.

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