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2022-08-01 Анюта

Forex Optimum Форекс Оптимум мне нравиться! Я пришла сюда когда сидела без работы, брокер помог с обучением, тут и статьи и вебинры и консультации. И главное поддержка меня всегда поддерживали, а я так боялась… Теперь я могу смело сказать большое спасибо Forex Optimum за все то что я сейчас умею делать и спасибо за то что я теперь могу достойно заработать не выходя из дому.

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2021-10-22 White Horse

So far, I am satisfied with the terms of Forex Optimum, the work of the site, terminal and support. It is very convenient that the minimum entrance is from $ 10. You don't need a lot of investment here. I have not yet become a millionaire, but in a few months I managed to almost triple my deposit. I still work here because the broker brings me luck.

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2021-10-13 Leona

Don't forget about the 90-90-90 law. 90% of traders lose 90% of their deposit in the first 90 days. Therefore, when you start working, there will definitely be unprofitable deals. I'll tell you honestly, I work here in different ways. I can lose and I can win. I have been working here since 2018 and concluded that 90% of my losses are due to my greed. Previously, when I earned a small profit, I immediately sent my profit for withdrawal. But now I do everything differently and increase my deposit.

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2021-09-27 Felix Wood

At first I could not understand at all how you can make money here. At first I thought it was a hoax. Several times I replenished my account with $ 100 and all the time went into the red. I do not argue, of course you can earn money, because my friend has been working here for several years. It just seems to me that this is not a job for everyone. Now I opened my order in the terminal with the help of a consultant. I try to work seriously. Let's see how it goes next.

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2021-09-10 OscarV

I don't know who makes money on what, but I like bitcoin. My work in Forex brings only pleasant emotions. At first I watched bitcoin, and now I decided to work with it. Bitcoin was recently $ 48,000 and then dropped to $ 43,900. Now bitcoin has already risen to $ 47,000 and so it jumps all the time. 5 weeks already I have been watching these Bitcoin jumps. This is what interests me. The main thing is to place stops and control orders.

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2021-09-06 William

The broker has excellent technical support. I constantly had glitches, the terminal crashed and all my personal information flew with it. This is where the broker's support was manifested. They helped me. Everything was dictated to me clearly and step by step, and I myself was able to figure it out. Thank you very much for helping me to install everything back and in a short time. Compared to other brokers, the service here is cool for me and nothing threatens my work.

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2021-08-31 FillSmith

I am sad that I did not start working with Forex Optimum right away. I lost my time, my money and my psychological state is now bad. I moved to work here and after six months of trading, I realized that this is a completely different matter. Here I have good analytics and correct quotes, I returned everything to myself, and the rest of the brokers are already far behind. I thank the guys from Forex Optimum for the good conditions and help for me, but my opinion is that my profitable trading depends on both my broker and me 50/50, because I have already gained experience and do not take much risk. As a result, I can say that, compared to the kitchens in the area, everything here is without surprises.

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2021-08-18 Roman

I entered a long EURUSD at a price of 1.2120, and my position was opened at a price of 1.2121. I've never had this. This is the first time I've encountered such a thing. All my deals were always opened on time. I called support. They answered me quickly and explained the reason. If now there is no demand for my order at the price of 1.2120, then I am offered a new other price 1.2121. I work on a lower M5 timeframe and a slippage of 1 point is a lot for me. In support, I was advised to trade on a high timeframe and then I won't have any problems. If there is slippage in the work - this is a sign of the real market, it is not bad or good. This is normal. Good luck.

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2021-08-11 Denis Flotter

I don't want to look for another company now. Here I am satisfied with the conditions, deposit and withdrawal goes without problems and money is withdrawn for a longer period. For lazy people like me, there is a good offer here - investment. A trader trades for you, and you only pay a commission. When I was traiding myself, I became a very nervous person, but in this format of working my nerves are preserved. Which is also a big plus. I advise you to start investing little by little. I made an input of $ 100, checked the trader on this small amount, and only then increased the deposit. That was when I saw that the guy was a smart trader. We are in no hurry to trade. My goal here is stable profit, not maximum profit.

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2021-07-30 Floriss

I received VIP status a week ago. Now I can receive a cumulative bonus and receive a loan of up to 50%. In any case, I can contact the VIP-line and use the help of a personal manager. I realized that it was so comfortable and safe for me to trade. I use advisors. I can easily go about my business and wait for the program to show me a suitable signal. I put the program into an automatic mode and now the program works when the PC is turned off. The managers helped me. I do not regret that I applied here.

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2021-06-15 Nikolos

I made sure that Forex Optimum is one of the brokers with a low spread - the average size for EURUSD is 0.3 pips; I am grateful to you for the cashback service, you can make a profit by creating a trade turnover. The working conditions are suitable even for beginners.Almost all my deals are successful. I stay to work here and see what happens next.

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2021-06-01 MaxF

I tried to trade with other brokers for a long time. It's one thing to trade on a demo account, and another to trade on a real account. In the end, I settled on Forex Optimum. This is a good broker for newbies. First, the risks are minimal. Secondly, excellent technical support, they really help me with my work. Now I have experience and work on a real account. I do not earn very much, about 300-500 dollars a month. Thanks to the broker for I can withdraw my honestly earned profit.

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2019-12-22 robbanutd

Any questions can be resolved through support and that’s great. They don’t ignore you and don’t apply kitchen technologies. It’s very easy to analyse assets. You can register as trader or you can become an investor and copy deals of another trader. This strategy is great in case he other trader is actually good. Otherwise there’s a risk to burn out.

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2019-10-10 Mark.G.K.

Orders open and close quickly. The website doesn’t freeze. There is leverage that is greater than at other brokers’. I had no crucial problems with the withdrawal of money. The withdrawal was delayed for several hours once. The signals are effective, you can easily make money on them. Recommend!

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2019-09-06 tomatton

Forex Optimum never ceases to amaze with the constant addition of new assets. One more cryptocurrency was added. The big money is made exactly on crypt now. I’m not a supporter of speculation, so I invest in each cryptocurrency for at least 3 months with a broker. One thing I don’t like about the broker is that they do not pay the bet for the invited clients, only the interest for their orders.

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2019-08-13 Jimmy

I haven't figured out all the features of Forex Optimum yet, but the fact that it withdraws money already makes me happy. I've been trading here for only a week. I mostly invest in currency pairs and indices. They also have a guy who makes good reviews on the news. It's much nicer to hear the news than read it.

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2019-07-24 Livann

A good broker who doesn't scam with payments and doesn't delay them. You can withdraw money to more than 10 payment systems. The commission for opening of the transaction is minimal. That is, when trading in 3-4 points, you can profit pretty well. I'm also pleased with the presence of a demo account to train on.

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2019-07-16 MARKA2019

You can't think of a better broker for beginners. The minimum deposit is $10, and transactions start from $ 0.01. More experienced traders can deal here too basically, it's just that the functions that I usually use aren't offered here. Although I keep a certain amount here too, which I just invested in cryptocurrency for a year, hoping for a boom.

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2019-06-14 Victor Victorov

The most important thing when choosing a broker is its honesty. ForexOptimum always withdraws money, does not charge commissions for deposit and withdrawal. And it really allows to make money. If the financial situation of the investor is not very good, you should try to open a standard account and try to trade!

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ForexOptimum never ceases to amaze me with its updates and upgrades. 5 days ago, the economic calendar looked different. Now they have made it more convenient. Analyzing assets is convenient. There are signals for very lazy traders. Accessibility is 80%. You will not lose)

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The Forex Optimum broker was opened in 2009. The company provides an opportunity to trade in international financial markets with currencies, contracts for the difference in shares of the US stock exchange and contracts for goods and raw materials. The broker is regulated by the FSA.

The following services are offered to clients:

  • Trading in the Forex market and binary trading;
  • Quality training in trade;
  • Accrual of bonus funds;
  • Trading signals;
  • VIP accounts.

MetaTrader 4 trading terminal also has versions for mobile devices with iOS and Android operation systems.

Various types of accounts allow the client to choose the most comfortable and profitable terms for work.

Account types:

1. StartUP

  • Minimum deposit: 10 USD
  • Spread: from 0,1 pips
  • Maximum leverage: 1:500
  • Minimum transaction volume: 0,1 lot
  • Execution method: Market Execution

2. Standard.STP

  • Minimum deposit: 300 USD
  • Spread: from 0,1 pips
  • Maximum leverage: 1:500
  • Minimum transaction volume: 0,01 lot
  • Execution method: Market Execution/Instant Execution

Premium or VIP status can be assigned to the Standard.STP account, which implies additional free services.

For the Premium account (if there are more than $10 000):

  • personal consultant and trader;
  • individual analytical materials.

For the VIP account (if there are more than $500 000):

  • cumulative bonus of up to 31.83% per annum;
  • personal VIP consultant;
  • separate service VIP-line;
  • funds depositing without any fee;
  • advance account replenishment (up to 20% of the deposit amount)

Binary Options - there is provided a terminal for working with binary options, the interface of which is quite simple and convenient to use.

Pamm Masters is a profitable investment project with minimal risks, which allows the investor to choose a professional manager in accordance with the volume of his/her investment and required profit. All trading transactions of the manager will be automatically copied to the investor's account, that will ensure that he/she will receive an income commensurate with the income of the manager and even more. Favorable terms of this Forex Optimum program are confirmed by numerous reviews of the company's clients. Also, the company allows its partners to attract clients and earn revenue from their trade.

Funds can be replenished/withdrawn using a card, bank transfer, Neteller, Webmoney, QIWI systems.

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