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Real reviews of IronFX 2021

2018-09-20 dina.min

i dunno what r u talking ‘bout here dudez but i never faced any negative situations doing my busines with this broker. of course there are too many negative reviews around the internet and this is a normal thing u know. still my review is positive. yeah u can say that their trading conditions are quite common and they have nothing special to offer… but guyz!!! their affiliate programe is one of the most interesting and attractive on the market today and the bonus u get is much higher in comparisson with other brokers! well my opinion as for this company is pretty positive. i don’t wabt to recommend it here or u’ll call me a planted guy. it’s up to u to decide whether to work with it or not. i’ve just set out my opinion. take care and good luck ;)

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2018-09-04 RoachSka

Probably some people here still don’t know, so i just want to remind you guys – stay away from this broker. Iron FX doesn’t pay in time, many traders are in different legal proceeding with Iron FX, and above all, - this dealing center lost all licenses.

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2018-08-02 Happy16

I repeatedly come across different customer reviews saying that this dealing center creates certain money withdrawal problems – some traders even started court proceeding against Iron FX. They all claim that this broker steals their funds. Let me tell you something… I’ve been working with this brokerage company for almost two year! Over this period I always got my money back. Yes, they have some difficulties with withdrawals related to delays, but still I did get my money back! At this moment I am waiting for another payment and it’s been already 10 days since I made a request. Their representatives are always in touch with me and I believe I have nothing to worry about. Just try to understand that all these delays may be caused by external problems and this company does its best to solve them. I don’t believe that they cheat and steal money!

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2018-06-20 simbir

i’ve changed brokerage companies for at least 10 times already :-/ but Iron fx gave a good account of itself. i won’t describe all problems i had with my previous brokers, but this one is different. two withdrawals done smoothly and fast. thanks god these guys have no problems with slippages. so far so good so i will proceed with this company. keep my fingers crossed xD

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2018-03-21 proh

Iron forex was a good broker with which it was easy to cooperate, but their own greed and foolishness knocked them down and created all problems they have now. They’ve been very popular in the past, but they’re deep in shit now. That’s a shame!

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2018-03-11 Anchelotti

a fucking miracle happened and i suddenly received my 120 bucks requested for withdrawal 7 months ago. to be honest, i’ve completely forgotten about this money, but they surprised me.

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2018-02-27 windnata

I’ve heard many times that this company is involved in a number of court proceedings because of withdrawal problems. As for me, I’ve been working with them for more than one year and want to say the truth – yes, they have difficulties with withdrawals. I faced many delays with Iron FX, but everything is always fine in the end. Not it’s already 15 days since I’ve been waiting for another payout. This broker has huge problems and I think this is my last week in this company!

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2018-01-17 Sardeni

i placed money 2 my acc through webmoney servicez and used the same 4 withdrawalz. so it’s not only bank cardz and wire transferz like some traderz say here. i have nothing bad 2 say ‘bout diz company. but they do have a couple of positive sidez like fine technical support (they answer your questionz very fast or may even call you on your cell phon). i worked with six brokerz before and marked diz one az the best! what else… i don’t remember any troubles with server connections. withdrawal is only 2-4 hours. i am happy!

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2017-12-07 Esmitter85

of course, rating is a good indicator – this is my reply to the previous comment! but i’ve been working with IronFX broker for more than 6 month and ican ensure you guys that i see no shit in its work – transactions are fast and no problems here! I’ve withdrawn my earnings 5 times already and can confirm that IronFX makes no delays in payments!

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“IronFX” company – one of the world leaders in the field of internet-trading. “IronFX” has quite significant rating owing to a numerous of awards this broker won. The company provides services to private and institutional clients from more than 180 countries all over the world. The broker controls 8 offices in different countries, and its clients can be services in 45 languages.

The variety of reviews about “IronFX” show that the company’s work is more targeted to the customer, combining special trading instruments, which work on the platforms with a broad range of products, and that in turn helps to improve the pricing process, provides good liquidity and fast processing speed while executing orders. The latest exchange news and the market analysis results provide our clients with the excellent base to make the right and profitable trading decisions.

“IronFX” rating also grows because the company strictly follows all the newest technologies and implements them in its activity.

The company offer several trading accounts:


  • Deposit – from USD 100
  • Lot – from 0.01
  • Spread – 1.1 p.


  • Deposit – from USD 2500
  • Lot – from 0.1
  • Spread – 0.7 p.


  • Deposit – from USD 20 000
  • Lot – from 0.1
  • Spread – 0.5 p.

If the customer needs to make a deposit or to withdraw funds from the account, he/she can use one of several ways positively reviewed by the customers. So, “IronFX” company offers the customer to choose:

  • Maestro/MasterCard/Visa cards,
  • Neteller, China Union, DotPay, Skrill payment systems,
  • Bank transfers.

Numerous positive reviews about “IronFX” acts as the confirmation of the high-quality provided services and offered services.

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