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Real reviews of LiteForex 2024

2018-08-31 jackzavr

pretty positive reputation i see. strange, cause these guys froze my money. it’s been already 13 days since it happened and i cannot take them back! their analysts and financial specialists contacted me trying to talk me out of withdrawing! like everything is fine, just hold a bit, we just have some temporary troubles.

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2018-06-23 markiz

here is my story of trading with lite forex and i hope it will serve as a good example for other traders here. i waz trading with the canadian dollar. made some precise calculations and put it right for purchasing and take profit. the price turned to my side and even jumped over my take. suddenly, after that, take didn’t worked and my purchase wasn’t made. but when the trend reversed the purchase was done – the point is that it was done under completely different price level.. u guessed it=))). i lost my fucking 1300 bucks. my wife is still not talking to me after this shit. well i sent a claim to their support and they replied saying that everything was under their trade regulations! that made me read their damn regulations again and i realized that since my entrance to this company they changed many item=))) be carefull. even after reading agreements and trading rules you are still in danger cause you never know when and where they may change their own rules! the final idea of all this shit is to cheat with traders and take their money. i am done with forex once and for all!

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2018-03-29 Cava

what i really like bout this company is their partner programm… i alredy have 13 referals but even they make me feel fine bringing some good additional profit. 70% of my referals are big players so i am like rolling in clover))). plus i also make some trading stuff, u know… and in total it creates very nice profit. withdrawals are smooz and stable. it’s something around 48 hours and you have your money on your credit card. i recommend this company as a reliable trading partner.

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2018-02-28 karlosen

Many traders i know in person placed money in this company after reading numerous positive reviews and now they cannot get their funds back(((

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2018-02-27 Green2018

I finally found a good broker with social trading. It is a perfect opportunity for me as for a newbie. It seems here it’s quite easy to copy transactions of successful traders.

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2018-02-09 forfor

i’ve spent several months working with lt and have no complains about this so far. quite the contrary - i’d like to mention their high-quality support service. these guys helped me find answers to many questions when i was about to lose all my money. it’s a bright example that liteforex shows interest in customers earning, not losing. Well i am just a beginner and spent not enough time with this broker to judge it, but i can state with confidence that their attitude towards customers is just great and it’s very hard to find something similar in today’s market… and one more thing i want to tell you about – they make it possible to trade cryptocurrencies. i think it’s a nice choice for a beginner!

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2018-01-25 Lordborg

Awright, lemme tell ya. i’ve been working with diz dealing centa for quite some time. but it’s not kinda constant business u know. i mean that it’s just only from time to time. It used to be perfectly smooth in the past, and am not the only one who can tell ya the same… fine, they always had some slippages, but it was nothing special at it’s a completely different story dudes. somethin strange happens with diz broker. virtualy impossible to open or close a damn transactions without a problem and it makes me sit on the phone with their support service when they have some time to speak. that was one of the answers i got from their specialist: "we are sorry but our company faces some problems with its partners, so we cannot provide stable opening. we apologize for inconvenience caused. Bla bla bla… who cares about your fucking apologies? Just stop wasting my money and time!!!

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2017-12-02 windnata

Several months spent together with Lite Forex broker. I was just a newbie when i starter my trading path of Forex, but now i am finding my feet in this area day after day. The partner i selected is Ok for me ‘cause i am still a beginner. These guys help me and support me all the time. All money operations are without delays. Big profit is not something I can show at the moment, but we learn by doing things and we learn by trading))) The best is yet to come for me!!!

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2017-10-01 bisketto

The only thing I know for sure is that LiteForex broker is a good company with excellent reputation and tolerable trading conditions. Some traders read reviews and some – monitor trading conditions, like I do. But all these methods show only positive features of this company.

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2017-09-19 MenW

Opened my classic account in LiteForex. The broker’s been working since 2005 and iam sure it aint gonna be closing one of these days. Listen, this broker’s reliable and its servicing is cool, fast and smooth.

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2017-09-14 Blade$

Excellent service and everything is clear. You can work with this company, guys.

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2017-08-29 Kruz30

i like this rating of dealing centers and i got something else to tell ya, guys – i trust this rating, yeah…I believe it. and that’s ‘cause i tried out many of them. But liteforex is different, I’d rate it higher… they’ve got everything-stability, reliability, comfortable trading conditions, especially for newbies. 4 year together with ‘em and happy!

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2017-08-13 mrgurman

I used to work via standard account type. Everything was just fine and I am thinking about starting again.

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2017-08-11 Licky

i’ve got “classic” account type now, opened it few months ago just out of pure curiosity, ‘cause i was advised to try LiteForex broker by traders on various forex resources. so far my impressions are quite mixed… i mean it seems to be pretty good, but kinda unprofitable at the same time, i donno… maybe it’s also about their trading system.

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2017-07-11 Deverolenk

i placed min deposit, no troubles so far. it’s too early to think ‘bout withdrawals, but im sure everything’s gonna be all right. I like it=))).

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2017-07-03 MikeL

One day I’d visited some fx forum, don’t even remember now… and while reading various feedbacks and reviews i had faced info about lite forex company. Then I found it on this site and realized I would start with it. So I have already passed registrations. I hope it’s not another fake firm and they don’t look like a kitchen .

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2017-06-29 Alcest

After reading numerous reviews and studying their web site i finally decided to open my first cent acc. I did it cause I don’t think I could objectively access their service quality by working on a demo account.

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2017-06-25 marker

I’d like to commend LiteForex on the fact that they treat their customer the way every company should! I contacted them many times concerning different issues and problems and they always assisted me and were polite.

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2017-06-18 luke

As for me, i’m glad with the trading conditions lite forex gives! Well, during last 4 years i tried almost all account types you know… execution is just excellent across i am telling u. low spreads, fast payouts and stuff like that… best forex broker for me!

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2017-06-05 GazizG

Beautiful company!!! LiteForex’s giving hella favorable trade conditions, no kidding! U know i used to deal with another broker but didn’t sit well with its spreads and executions. And here i am trading with this company, not that long but… conditions they give are better for sure. So now i always look for satisfied people’s feedbacks before getting in with some companies.

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The LiteForex company offers a wide range of services in Forex since 2005.

The broker offers the following opportunities to its clients:

  • Use of ECN-technology for sale and purchase transactions.
  • Use of 4 types of accounts including Islamic accounts.
  • Participation in promo offers with bonuses up to 100%.
  • Pips Back spreads return service will allow to receive up to 35% of the spread paid.
  • Deposit insurance and automatic withdrawal of funds.
  • Competitions with valuable prizes.

There are 3 account types for trading:


  • Minimum deposit: 10 USD
  • Orders are executed according to the system Instant execution
  • Spread from 3 pips.
  • Order volume from 0,1 lot
  • Leverage: 1:1000


  • Minimum deposit: 50 USD
  • Orders are executed according to the system: Instant execution
  • Spread from 2 pips.
  • Order volume from 0,01 lot
  • Leverage: 1:500


  • Minimum deposit: 50 USD
  • Orders are executed according to the system: Market execution
  • Spread from 0,9 pips.
  • Order volume from 0,01 lot
  • Leverage: 1:400

Trading with LiteForex is carried out using MT4 and MT5 trading terminals. There is also a browser-based version of MetaTrader4 that does not require downloading.

There are several types of partnership and profit making for clients who want to receive additional income. Reviews about LiteForex from the clients, who have received a good extra income, confirm the broker's quality work.

Replenishing/withdrawing funds to/from an account is possible in several ways:

- EPSs: WebMoney, Qiwi, Neteller, Skrill,, OK Pay, PM, YandexMoney, Wallet one, PAYEER, Wire Transfer;

- VISA/MasterCard, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, Maestro cards.

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