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Real reviews of TeleTrade 2020

2020-02-14 Valerios

I'm trading with TeleTrade, brokerage is good overall. But to be honest, I'm tired of constant trading and carring everything alone. So I also want to try copy-trading. however I don't know some points, that seems to be important. If I'll trade as copy-trader. can I manage my funds or they all be managed by master? I just want to try, but I don't want to abandon the control over my funds... If someone has info and already copy-trade, be so kind to clarify this to me, PLZ.

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2020-02-18 Dalath

I so understand you :))
I also didn't want to give out control of my money when I was choosing how to invest them. That's why I rejected PAMM trading and decided to choose TeleTrade sync-trading. You don't lose control of funds with sync-trading. You can still manage your funds and decide about whether to follow master or no in each particular decision.

2020-02-20 Toshakar

I've heard about copy-trading at Teletrade, but I prefer to trade on myself and don't rely on other people. Maybe, for beginners or investors that's more than enough, but I prefer to trade with my own brain.

2020-02-10 Haji Musa been Osman

A wide range of leverage, a well-functioning terminal, profitable spreads and commissions - all this is about Teletrade, so I strongly recommend to try it.

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2020-01-21 John Karathu

Teletrade is one of the famous brokers in the world, so I think there is simply impossible that broker can has some minor problems. In terms of trading Teletrade is quite typicall, really. It has good order execution and fast withdrawals + reliable support, but that's normal for all good brokerages. The only think that is really unique is Teletrade sync trading, as that's great option for everyone who wants invest in global financial markets, but can't trade on his own.

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2020-01-28 Cornelis Ruijs

Trading was my passion since 2000's and I was even trying to trade with Teletrade. I lost my money, cause I don't have any skills, but that was my fault and I didn't have any time to learn trading, so I just abandoned that idea. When I learnt that TeleTrade laucnhed sync-trading there was no doubt that I should try. I can say that there is no problem and I earn my money working together with master, that's profitable in terms of money (as I earn more than with bank deposit) and time (I don't need to sit in front of my PC a lot, my master is doing everything on his own). So if you want yo make passive investments, sync-trading sounds good :)

2020-01-16 Cheroup

There are two reasons why I choose TeleTrade among that vast variety of brokers. The first one is that company operates within the market for more than 20 years and is 100% regulated by the EU authorities. EU is maybe the most strict jurisdiction, even more and better regulated than the US. With Teletrade I know that I'm paying fees for the purpose and that purpose is quick order execution and real service. Yeah, spreads aren't the lowest on the market, but I see what these money are used for, so I prefer to pay, but keep sure that my money are secured. The second reason is TeleTrade copy-trading features, sometimes I have no passion to trade on my own and want to relax and spend a month with no work. For most traders that means earning nothing, but with Teletrade I just choose master that I will follow, so I have free time. As far as I know, Teletrade was one of the first brokers to instroduce such feature and it's really beneficial.

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2020-01-23 Imran de Bruijn

Oh, my thoughts almost the same. I wanted to write review, but think that's over now) Really, TeleTrade is well-known and I always advocate choosing reliable brokerage that has long-standing reputation. CySEC regulation is some kind of additional advantages :)
Spreads are really high sometimes, but its better to pay more, but be sure that you trade with a good brokerage, than take a risk for 0.2 pips economy.
Copy-trading is even better not for investors, but for traders. All of us are individuals, we don't have millions to trade with. Becoming a master is a good way to increase earnings and get additional % from your skills.

2020-01-13 Ajiman Samosir

I think if you can even trust a broker, you better choose the one with a long-term history of successful presence on the market. My logic was simple. The longer the company is on the market, the more chances it's got to screw up. If it was not involved in any major scandal in 25 years, than its got fair chances to keep up the good work further. This is why I chose Teletrade. It started working in 1996 and still is good to go. I guess it means the broker is trustworthy. My personal experience with Teletrade is also good. I am OK with spreads and everything else totally meets my expectations of a good brokerage.

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Teletrade D.J. Limited was established in 1994 and operates under the brand of the Teletrade Group. The company is one of the initiators of the opening of the CRFIN. The broker provides consulting services on selection of investment methods.

Advantages of cooperation with TeleTrade:

  • No additional fees.
  • Investment programs: Master Invest and the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
  • Free education: training for beginners and professional traders
  • More than 80 trading instruments, including pairs of currencies, CFD for indices, spot.

Two accounts are offered for trading:

1. Standard

  • Minimum deposit: $1000
  • Orders are executed according to the system:Instant execution
  • Spread: fixed
  • Minimum transactions volume: 1 lot
  • Maximum leverage: 1:100

2. Professional

  • Minimum deposit: $1000
  • Orders are executed according to the system: Market execution
  • Spread: floating
  • Minimum transactions volume: 1 lot
  • Maximum leverage: 1:100

Trading with TeleTrade is carried out using MT4, MT4 MultiTerminal, MT5 trading terminals. Also, there is the browser-based version of MetaTrader 4 which does not require downloading - MT4 WebTerminal as well as mobile applications of the platform for devices with IOS, Android and MAC operation systems.

The company offers clients analytical materials for making the most profitable transactions. The materials include: market news, reviews, technical analysis, interest rates, quotes, video reviews, trading signals and much more.

There is a partner program 'Earn with a friend' for the clients who wish to receive additional profit. The partner investment program 'Trader Exchange' allows to choose a successful trader who can trade on the investor's account. Positive feedback on Teletrade only strengthens the broker's reputation and confirms the high quality of the services provided by the company.

Clients can replenish the deposit and withdraw funds using WebMoney, Qiwi, Skrill, YandexMoney payment systems as well as bank transfer and Visa/MasterCard.

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