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Interactive Brokers Tightens KYC/AML rules

Interactive Brokers Tightens KYC/AML rules

Popular international broker Interactive Brokers has begun blocking client accounts in several emerging markets. This is reported by several world and regional media.

According to media reports, a number of IBKR clients were faced with their accounts being blocked. Such steps may be related to the tightening of the company's internal regulations regarding the rules for Anti-money laundering (KYC / AML).

Experts name several suspicious actions that can serve as a reason for blocking accounts:

  1. The client's residence does not coincide with the country to which funds are withdrawn;
  2. Deposit/withdrawal of funds to different accounts and banks;
  3. Withdrawing/depositing small sums too often;
  4. Using VPN for trading or trading from outside the residential country;
  5. Very low trading activity.

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