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Man and AI: Friends or Foes? Webinar announcement

Man and AI: Friends or Foes? Webinar announcement

On December 7, 2020, Interactive Brokers plans to host a webinar titled Man and AI: Friends or Foes? The event will run from 19:00 - 20:00 EET. The company's employees will consider innovative approaches to working with large amounts of data using machine learning. The broker notes that machines help weed out useless information and find one that plays a decisive role in an investment approach.

Users will be able to learn not only the theory, but also consider specific signs of how investors in practice use machine learning to make money in the financial markets. You will be able to take out a lot of useful information from the webinar, which can further apply in work.

Those who will not be able to join the webinar can watch the materials in the recording. Notes will be in the Industry Sponsor tab. The broker recommends training for those who want to make money trading.

To know all the pros and cons of the broker, as well as customer feedback on its work, read the Interactive Brokers expert review on the Forex-Up portal.

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