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Cybercriminals who attacked TeleTrade will be prosecuted

Cybercriminals who attacked TeleTrade will be prosecuted

At a press conference on December 3, the representative of the international broker Yevgeniy Solodko said that the attackers who denigrated TeleTrade's reputation would be brought to justice. In 2020, ransomware actively worked to discredit the brand and provide customers with fake information.

According to Evgeniy Solodko, TeleTrade operates in Europe, Latin America and East Asia. The broker is licensed and operates in accordance with international law. During its work, Teletrade has proved a conscientious attitude to its duties.

“Criminals often choose successful businesses for attacks. In the situation with TeleTrade, the company's reputation in the market and among clients plays a key role, ”the press conference participants said. The purpose of the criminals was extortion, and the tools of pressure were to denigrate the reputation of business owners and managers, and to misinform customers. The scammers used sms and spam, fake reviews and comments.

“We identified the IP addresses and users who organized the attacks. The procedure for bringing swindlers to criminal responsibility has already been launched, ”Yevgeniy Solodko said.

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