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Binarium talks about the features of a risk-free transaction

Binarium talks about the features of a risk-free transaction

The biggest fear of all newbies is to drain the entire deposit. To avoid this, Binarium has provided for risk-free transactions. It may open them without the risk of losing all your capital. At the same time, funds are not debited from the balance, and in the case of a profitable transaction, you receive real money.

In Binarium, risk-free transactions are available when depositing funds using special promotions and promo codes. In this case, the user immediately sees how much and what size of the transaction he can conclude without risk. You can use a risk-free transaction at any convenient time, but when you withdraw money, this opportunity is canceled automatically.

You can see if risk-free transactions are currently available directly in the terminal. For example, you deposit $ 100 and receive three risk-free trades of $ 10 each. This amount will be reserved and transferred to the bonus account. This money can be used to conduct risk-free transactions. All losses are compensated by the company.

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