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What is the Binarium trading room?

What is the Binarium trading room?

Broker Binarium states that all clients who have access to the trading room receive effective signals from experts and have a better chance of earning money. Trading signals are an example of a profitable transaction, according to experienced traders. The signal indicates the asset, the time of entry / exit from the trading session and the recommended price.

The main advantages of the Binarium trading room are:

  • lack of complex charts;
  • understandable market analytics;
  • 2 trading sessions daily;
  • up to 30 signals;
  • sound notifications in the browser.

To gain access to the trading room, you need to top up your account on the Binarium platform with at least $ 500 (or € 500, 30,000 rubles). The broker notes that this amount will remain in the trader's account and he will be able to use his capital to make transactions. You also have the opportunity to get VIP access. To do this, you need to top up the balance by 5,000 dollars (300,000 rubles or 5,000 euros). Premium clients are provided with detailed comments on each signal, personal manager services, trading training, etc.

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