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FinMax consultants introduce the main indicators for scalping

FinMax consultants introduce the main indicators for scalping

Scalping is a style of trading when a trader holds a position open for a short time in order to get a profit as quickly as possible. Typically, scalper trades last from a few seconds to a couple of minutes). Many people consider such trade more attractive, since they do not have to wait for earnings for a long time.

Finmax consultants recommend using indicators for more efficient scalping. They will allow you to make the right decision in an unstable market, defining a trend reversal in time. Experts note that it is quite difficult to learn how to use indicators, but nothing is impossible.

Scalper dream

This is a free premium tool available on MT4. The indicator follows the trend and provides easy-to-read histograms.

Binary Cash Comodo

Performs slow redrawing to determine the minimum and maximum of binary options, suitable for intraday trading.

Double zigzag

A fairly aggressive indicator that actually leaves no room for traders to exit. It is formed from 4 impulse waves.

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