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Real reviews of FinMax 2024

2021-01-14 Bubble2021

I chose Finmax to trade binary options and was not disappointed. Special thanks for the convenient and functional trading platform. So far, I manage to make good money here.

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2021-01-11 BonsaFX

I had some unpleasant situations with Finmax support. The first time due to the fact that there was a delay in the withdrawal of funds for reasons I do not understand. The support referred to the fact that it does not depend on them, but on the payment system. The second time I got angry with managers because of their slowness. Terrible attitude towards traders!

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2020-12-30 Johnny

Finmax has great teaching materials! Webinars are held regularly, where all the tips of trading are told. It is a pity that it is not always possible to get into training. I hope to soon improve my status and receive more privileges.

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2020-12-25 Ron789

From personal experience I was convinced that Finmax is a fraudulent broker. His managers are terribly bored with calls with "profitable" offers. Where did they even get my phone number? I'm not going to register here. They tricked my friend and stole $ 1,000.

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2018-06-11 Vetalb

i searched the whole web and found no negative reviews about finmax company. it looks like they are kinda philanthropic organization saving poor people from death=))) everybody are happy and make profits. not a single loser. sure i saw a couple of traders describing some insignificant technical problems but still they are earning well according to their words. all right tell me something, how on earth do you think this company makes its profits if everybody wins? every trader knows that the company’s income consists of its traders’ losses!!! but here we face a fucking miracle=)))) IMHO i don’t believe all these nice words. it only says to me that all those feedbacks were ordered and paid by the company! uou could at least not to place so many of them – dead giveaway=)))

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2018-05-07 Artem

Finmax is a great bromer to make first steps on option market. I am telling this as a beginner. I thought i’d never master all this difficult stuff but i did it thanks to finamax and their tutorials. They provide awesome trade instruments and a lot of educational materials. Besides they have excellent technical support. You’ll never feel abandoned with it)))

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2018-04-18 alexsandrkg

Hi there! I’ve been trading for about 5 month. It was OK at the beginning, Finmax managers promised to include me in one of their educational programs, help me in developing some individual trading strategy and many other goodies… I placed money and began to trade climbing into a positive territory. The manager I was working with provided me with all necessary information and contact details. He said: “nothing to worry about, don’t be in hurry while trading…” On the back end, during one months of trading i was lucky to get him on short phone conversations only three timesю He gave me several entries to close transactions (USD/JPY and Tesla stocks), but all transactions made losses!!! This asshole ensured me that together we’d cover all my losses by closing new profitable transactions. I decided to withdraw my money and get out of this company. He called me immediately after i placed a withdrawal request. He was surprised wondering why i decided to leave, and i told that don’t want to lose more money and complained about the lack of promised assistance with education. Let me just say that they have quite a nice trading platform and follow withdrawal terms. They are not scams and you can earn with them, but their customer support and communication is another story. Maybe my problem was about my manager, because my one put balls on me and my trading!!! Just be ready for that!

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2018-04-11 vidao

and i still dont believe in all this bullshit bout financial oportunities u r all describing here. like your personal experience, high incomes and bla bla bla… some of my homies got screwed after trying forex and options. i’d better distance myself from all these brokers and agencies. they are scammers after all. not possible to earn money like this. wanna make real money? get off your ass and find a real job! imho

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2017-08-12 Mirk2010

As for me, binary brokers are the safest companies. I’ve found myself in this field. Well, all the stuff is much easier here and BO is relatively young solution in the area of trading.

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2017-06-08 Genya79

I wanna place my review about FinMax broker. Of course it’s not a super duper innovative firm and its platform has several inconveniences, but they are not critical at all. What’s important is that they provide all necessary assets and avoid slippages and delays… paid me my earnings very fast. I am going on with this broker.

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2017-06-01 lolo69

If ya guys wanna deal with some binary options, consider this broker. FinMax is a really good company giving profitable conditions that’s for sure...

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“FinMax” — is the company that allows to deal with the binary options. The company was founded by the team of professional traders in order to offer its customers the most profitable trading conditions. “FinMax” specialists were focused on creating the innovative trading terminal, which would be user-friendly and transparent both to the experienced traders and to the newcomers.

 “FinMax” reviews confirms the fact that the primary goal of the broker is to provide as many traders as possible with the opportunity to invest their capitals in the binary options trade, as well as the simplification of the trading process and traders’ profit maximization.

Some of the main “FinMax” advantages are:

  • total transparency of all trade swaps. Each customer owns the complete control of his/her personal trading account, and all transactions carried out in frames of the terminal are transparent;
  • innovative unique platform. The professional traders from “FinMax” team were engaged to perform this company establishment, so that the platform follows the requirements for security and trade;
  • individual approach to each customer. For beginners company offers a wide range of tutorial books, videos and online seminars. In addition, high-quality support services, that works all around the clock, are always ready to answer all incoming questions and to settle arguable issues arising during the trading.

To start trading “FinMax” offers its customers to choose the most suitable account type:

  • Bronze - with the minimum replenishment amount of $100;
  • Silver - with the minimum replenishment amount of $1000;
  • Gold - with the minimum replenishment amount of $5000;
  • VIP - with the minimum replenishment amount of $10000.

And those who wants to understand the basis of trading in the binary market are given the opportunity to try their hands on the demo-account of the company.

To place/withdraw money the broker offers a choice of different payment systems: Qiwi, Yandex, Visa credit cards, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa Electron and services of the bank transfer.

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