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Daily volume of transactions in Saxo Bank reached $5.6 billion

Daily volume of transactions in Saxo Bank reached $5.6 billion

Despite the volatile trading atmosphere, Danish broker Saxo Bank reported strong financial and operational performance. So, in December 2020, the average daily volume of transactions amounted to $5.6 billion, which corresponds to the November values. However, ADV actually fell 2 times when compared with the peak value the company reached in March ($11.3 billion).

In terms of monthly trade turnover, in December 2020, Saxo Bank had it at $ 128.1 billion. This is 9% more than in November. It is also worth noting that this figure is 7.7% higher than in the same period in 2019.

Despite the fact that Saxo Bank experts consider 2020 to be quite successful, due to increased volatility, the increase in volumes did not occur for all assets. For example, earnings on commodities declined from November, while earnings on shares remained in line with the previous month.

As a reminder, in the first half of the year, the broker reported a record number of new clients, active growth in operating income and the number of transactions. In general, in 2020, the company's client base increased by 80,000 people. Saxo Bank currently has over 620,000 active accounts.

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