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Interactive Brokers offers access to mutual funds

Interactive Brokers offers access to mutual funds

Interactive Brokers expanded its service portfolio in 2020 by launching the largest mutual investment platform. The sale of securities is carried out with a minimum brokerage markup or without it. Interactive Brokers currently provides access to 37,000 mutual funds from 380 families. Residents from more than 200 countries can use the unique broker service. The platform is available at

“Our marketplace is by far the largest source of mutual investment without a broker premium”, - said Steve Sanders, Vice President of Marketing and New Product Development at Interactive Brokers. - Interactive Brokers is neutral about the access it provides. We do not promote our funds, such as Schwab, Vanguard, Fidelity, but we try to provide the maximum variety. This gives customers a choice".

To simplify the search process, Interactive Brokers allows users to sort products by family, type, commission, country of residence. In addition to the mutual investment platform, the broker offers to invest in trading futures, base currencies, stocks and bonds. All this can be done from a single segregated account.

You can learn more about the details of cooperation with a broker from the expert review of Interactive Brokers on our portal.

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