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XM supports school children in Vietnam

XM supports school children in Vietnam

Broker XM has supported the social project "Bookcases for Kids" to provide ample learning opportunities for underprivileged children in Vietnam.

As part of the project, the broker donated books to 10 primary and secondary schools in Kỳ Sơn District, Nghệ An Province, which serve children from low-income mountainous areas.

"These books filled 10 classroom bookshelves, encouraging students to read and facilitating daily activities with teachers," XM said.

"Reading is not just about acquiring knowledge; it gives children the opportunity to explore and dream. For the youngest students, colorful and tactile books also enrich their perception of the world. "Bookcases for Kids brings books and a brighter future to hundreds of children in remote areas," the company said.

During the book delivery, the broker visited the Kỳ Sơn District Department of Education and Training, as well as Ta Ka Primary and Secondary School, which serves ethnic minority students from the Thai, Khmu and Hmong communities. Company representatives also met with the director of the Department of Education, school principals and some students to gain insight into the children's needs and concerns for future CSR initiatives.

The "Bookcases for Kids" project is managed by Nuôi Em, a non-profit organization.

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