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Real reviews of GrandCapital 2024

2018-10-13 TheRoamer

Idk guys why you talk shit about this broker, doesn't seem legit to me. yes, i get it, its impossible to be satisfied with everything 100%, but I am not leaving this one until a better one comes along where I can trade with my BO robots on MT4, which, I foresee, won't happen anytime soon.

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2018-08-24 Koloss

everything was fine but now i am a bit disapointed with this broker. something happened with their terminal this night…like some glitches u know. well stops didn’t work and it was quite strange. this has never happened befor and i hope this was only ‘bout my provider. i am trying to figure it out now...

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2018-08-19 Colo2816

Great broker, so many assets to choose from. They've been slow with adding cryptocurrencies, I almost left when decided to switch to crypto, but than they added plenty

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2018-06-01 Lepricon

also wanna leave my review ‘bout forex trading and ‘bout grand capital in particular. why not hahaha=)) here we go: this broker can waste your depo and stole all your money, this broker can interfere in your trading process at any time and on any stage and can put all blames on you if something goes wrong! it’s not just a saying dudes. i spe t almost all my life trading on forex and i know what i am talkin about .i searched in the internet and found some real ppl who suffered after dealing wit this broker and i found no ppl having good relations with this dc!!!. their regulators always support them. Well you may say how could it be otherwise!?!? it could! there are some fair players that respect market rules, traders and their money. but not this piece of crap. run away from this company.

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2018-04-26 habi2002

grand capital is a super duper dealing center, im telling ya! just a fabulous one, trust me. but it’s only as long as u r in the negative territory... no technical problems and everything is runnin swimmingly. and once u r getting over the positive area, they are trying to bring in this customer-broker agreement under which Grand capital is a king having the final say, right or wrong!!! i mean they can just zero out all your fin operations in a one way fashion. what a hoot)))! one day i could climb to the positive territory within 3 hours. it was ‘bout 2400 bucks according to their chart (tailspin at a minimal market volatility). then their managers started to tell me some hogwash like i had used nonmarket quotes and the market volatility level had been extremely high + stories ‘bout their server failures. they ended up zeroing around 40% of my transactions. i was shocked and sent a complaint to the FMRRC. what can i say is that my request was discussed but not to my advantage))). negative feedback from me and useful experience for newbies. take care!

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2018-08-14 Grand Capital Official

Dear habi2002,

Grand Capital is not and has never been regulated by FMRRC, thus they have no authority to rule on complaints regarding Grand Capital. If this was, indeed, Grand Capital you traded with, please provide your account number so we can investigate your issue.

Grand Capital team.

2018-04-12 ReyCS

Listen, man… Different brokers have different quotes, in case you didn’t know that. No standard or let’s say fixed quotes on Forex. Even oil quotes may vary from 5 to 10 pips, and oil, just think of it, is a future which quotes must be similar for everybody. Nobody draws here, companies just cooperate with different quote providers. Study this sphere before writing this shit. Maybe it’s better for you to forget about trading at all. This is a difficult business, i can tell you! Now you stupidly waste your money and tomorrow you write another shit which will be read by beginners believing your words.

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2018-03-22 pos24

not sure about their current situation, but six month ago they had pretty false quotes and awful execution-up to 8 pips comparing to other companies all the time. Just imagine! It’s obvious – they draw charts.

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2018-02-26 Pankow

I cooperate with this broker under its partner program and use my blog and youtube channel about trading to attract new people. It gives me something around 250$-350$ every months .All’s fair, and i get payouts within 3 working days. Cannot say about trading consitions here, but affiliate programs works properly.

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2018-02-07 Darkmor

hi there! please read this message ‘cauze i believe it’ll help some of u. i strongly advise you guys against opening a trading account in this company!!!! i increased my rubble account by three times but finally lost all my earnings and withdrawn only amount I started with. speaking ‘bout growing candles - you can close only loss-making positions and the rest are slippages . i switched to a dollar acc and increased it by two times. in 10 minutes closed this account at stop out. stop losses worked with slippages up to 100 pips!!! i mean stop losses were set as lossless!! and they didn’t work. can you imagine lossless stop losses that do not work? it happened 4 times with me !!! my conclusion – if you don’t use stop losses they implement stop outs and close positions without you!!! if you use lossless stop loss the enormous slippages occur!!! with this brokerage company you will always make losses! f*ck them!

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2018-08-14 Grand Capital Official

Dear Darkmor,

Please provide your account number so we can look into your complaint.

Thank you,
Grand Capital team.

2018-01-10 Mishel79

I had my first trading experience with Grand Capital. I vividly remember it was a cent account i used for practicing ‘cause they didn’t have a demo account those days, or i didn’t find it=))) Anyway, it was fine. I don’t remember any glitches or lags on their platform. There were some short delays…like several seconds or something. Nothing serious, you know=))) Then i switched to a standard account and opened BO account at the same day. That was also my first experience with binary options. And I liked it))) If you act wisely and slowly you can easily earn significant amounts. Now I deal mostly with options – more profitable than usual trading on my standard account.
And don’t tell here that shit about withdrawal problems! I’ve been trading with them for a long time already and I never face problems. It can take two days maximum.

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2018-01-03 kacemtransp

I like this type of brokers. Small deposits and low demands for withdrawals – just one dollar. This broker is quite old, so must be reliable.

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2017-11-01 Julin

Binary options trading is something that is definitely for me. It’s just a piece of cake. All potential risks are too low. Grand Capital broker meets all the requirements I have for trading. This company is regulated and that’s what is really important for me. So I feel safe with this broker. Speaking about its regulatory authority called FinCom, I can tell you that it’s pretty famous financial organization and I have no reasons to doubt its activity.

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2017-09-30 Thrifty Dude

OMG, it’s xtremely hard to find a good broker now. I mean any reliable company. Took a long time to find it and finally opted for Grand Capital broker. I am not going to overstate it, but I’ve never had any problems with these guys – they are fair and always withdraw my money in time.

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2017-09-20 DimDimbl4

I wish it was listed in top best brokers! Anyhow, it’s a nice company. I work with GrandCapital and it’s OK with me. Withdrawals are fast and smooth.

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2017-08-11 Ratatara

The weird thing is that there are several companies I’m with an eye for at the moment. All these companies have a license from some kind of Financial Commission, as indicated on their web-sites (“regulation” section). I tried to look into more details about this organization’s activities and was surprised to realize that the information on this authority is very thin. Apart from that, all available examples of disputes settled lack specificity – I mean it seem that all these examples may be fakes. I found no any evidence of existence of this organization except its web-site and some negative feedbacks. That’s a great disadvantage of this broker’s reliability…

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2017-06-28 Elxan

This section helped me to find best brokers i know at the moment. I’m now scratching for a company to trade with and I have half a mind to start with Grand Capital. I am mainly interested in trainings and trading education and this company offers these services.

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2017-06-21 cevile

I’ve already worked with 2 many brokers during the last five years on FX markets and grand capital is the one i always do my business with. Never upset me!

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2017-06-16 Mobster235

One of the most honest brokers IMHO. Im ok with conditions and would underline very beneficial leverage and nice spreads.

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2017-06-07 Nazariq

Well, one this I’ve learned over my years with Forex is that only bigtime and much-loved brokers can secure your loot, and all kinds of one-year companies and other lightweight firms… they are all scams really. I can bet my boots. Grand capital seems nice, I trust these guys!!!

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2017-05-20 Aleksssss

I heard about grand Capital far back but had no time to check all the details out there. Now I’ve got time and I am happy’ cause it’s a reliable broker, I am telling you… Its level responds to today’s realities. I recommend this broker!

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Grand Capital is an international brokerage firm founded in 2006. The company’s offices operate in 40 countries of the world — in South Asia, Africa, Europe, CIS, India, Latin America. Grand Capital speaks 15 languages and provides access to financial markets to over half a million customers from 188 countries.


The broker's scale of operation is supported and expanded by more than 18 thousand partners all over the world. Grand Capital has created favorable partnership conditions for both active users without initial capital and businesses who want to expand their operation. The broker provides four affiliate program options: web partnership, regional representation, franchise and White Label.


Every year, Grand Capital confirms its status as a reliable and advanced broker: the company is regularly awarded prestigious awards. Among the most recent awards are: “Best Affiliate Program” from MENA Financial Expo 2016, “Best Trading Technology” from Moscow Financial Expo 2016, “Best Forex Broker in Africa” from Africa Financial Expo 2017, “Best Forex ECN Broker in Africa” from CIO East Africa 2019 and the “Best Investment Service Provider in Africa 2020.”


— Finacom

Grand Capital puts a special emphasis on transparency and trust. The company is regulated by the neutral and independent dispute resolution organization Finacom and has been assigned category A — the highest category of broker’s reliability. The regulator guarantees a compensation fund of up to 20,000 USD per client.

— Serenity

Since 2018, the funds of Grand Capital clients are protected by the blockchain-based escrow Serenity. In case of a dispute between a broker and a trader, Serenity secures the deposit of any amount on a smart contract until the parties come to an agreement.

Trading platforms

Grand Capital improves trading services and software every year to meet the demands of traders. Currently, the broker's clients can choose from four trading platforms. However, it’s not an exclusive choice: it’s possible to use several or all platforms at once.

— GrandTrade mobile app

GrandTrade is a convenient standalone mobile trading platform that does not require the installation of MetaTrader 4 and includes both personal area management and trading process. More than 200 trading instruments are available, including currencies, cryptocurrencies, CFDs on currencies, indices, stocks, metals, energy resources, agricultural products and bonds. One user can open several types of accounts designed for different kinds of trading and easily switch between them without reauthorization. More than 10 payment systems (including cryptocurrencies and Visa/MasterCard bank cards) can be used for deposit/withdrawal directly on the platform. Available for iOS and Android.

— MetaTrader 4

This trading platform is considered to be the most popular professional trading solution in the world. Its users get access to more than 500 trading instruments: 68 currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, as well as spot metals: gold and silver, CFDs on stocks, indices and futures (major brands of crude materials and energy resources). It’s available for Windows, MacOS, iPhone/iPad, and Android.

— MetaTrader 5

MetaTrader 5 is the next generation of the popular MetaTrader 4 platform. It is recognized as the perfect terminal by professional traders. The developers have preserved everything that made the previous version so great, while adding new features to meet the demands of modern traders. The platform provides access to more than 450 trading instruments. Available for Windows, iPhone / iPad, Android.

— WebTrader

WebTrader is an online terminal for in-browser trading. Take advantage of professional analytic tools, indicators and charts. WebTrader's functionality is similar to MetaTrader 4, but doesn't require installation. It’s supported by all popular browsers and adapted for mobile.

Trading conditions

Over the past two years, the broker has significantly improved the trading conditions, making them some of the most favourable in the market. Grand Capital offers spreads from 0.4 pips, low swaps, immediate order execution thanks to ECN technology, and high liquidity. Grand Capital also compensates deposit fees of all payment systems and returns the difference to the client’s trading account.

Another recent offering implemented by the company is the floating leverage technology. It allows traders who operate with large volumes to limit risks, avoid uncontrolled account overload and prevent irreparable losses.

Grand Capital sees its mission in making earning on financial markets accessible to everyone. Minimum amount of deposit on Micro accounts is only 10 USD, and 100 USD on Standard accounts. At the same time, the broker offers a leverage of up to 1: 500. Before making a real deposit, everyone can practice trading on a free demo account with a balance of 10,000 USD that simulates the current market conditions in real time.

Grand Capital has become widely known among traders thanks to the regular contests with monetary prizes. For example, the main prize of a contest on real accounts is 300% of the equity difference, and the winner of a futures trading contest gets a no-deposit bonus of $ 1,000. The results are announced every week.

In addition to contests, the company offers profitable bonuses to reward active traders and provide an opportunity to earn more. Among the company’s most popular offerings is Any Deposit Bonus 40%: profit made from trading the bonus funds can be freely withdrawn. Over time, the bonus becomes the property of the client: 3 USD per 1 traded lot.


Thanks to the broker’s support, Grand Capital clients continue to increase their income levels. As noted above, more than 500 instruments are available on MetaTrader 4, more than 450 are available on MetaTrader 5. These include currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, metals, indices, stocks of major corporations, as well as various CFDs (currencies, indices, metals, stocks of the world’s major brands, oil, futures, timber). A trader has six account options to choose from: Standard, Crypto, Micro, SwapFree, ECN Prime, MT5.

Professional traders should pay special attention to ECN account: it is implemented using the innovative technology provided by AMTS Company. ECN Prime provides access to the market of high liquidity and immediate order execution. Orders are executed in accordance with the best market quotes and not depending on any external circumstances.

Copy trading services


RAMM platform (Risk Allocation & Money Management) is available at Grand Capital for both beginners making their first steps and experienced traders who want to save time. Today it is the most advanced and user friendly copy trading service. Investors only need to open a RAMM account, choose a strategy provided by an experienced trader, and start earning on par with professionals by copying their trades.


LAMM (Lot Allocation Management Module) is a system that allows to copy trades of a selected trader and offers flexible configuration and lower risk of loss. On one side, an investor leaves trading to a trusted specialist, a professional trader. On the other side, the entire deposit remains under the investor’s control: the trader only makes their trades available for copying, but does not act as an account manager. As a result, in practice, LAMM offers a monthly return of up to 500% to investors who may not be highly qualified traders.

Investment Portfolios

Grand Capital offers ready-made investment portfolios that combine the most promising assets for you to invest and watch your profit grow.

Professional analysts select assets for each portfolio based on their reliability and expected profit. Traders get access to over 330 CFD instruments to manage, custom portfolios can be requested to suit your budget or preferences.

Different types of portfolios can be created by industry (stocks, precious metals, commodity and commodity futures, Forex), by country (USA, Europe), as well as by the level of risk and expected profit.

At the moment, CFD margin requirements in Grand Capital are among the most favorable in the market. Thanks to smart distribution of funds, the risks are carefully balanced.


Grand Capital encourages the professional growth of traders and offers on-site and distance education. In some countries traders have a chance to learn from experts at original training programs, watch analytical and educational webinars, get video lessons and textbooks on trading.

Daily market analysis, economic news and event calendar help clients make smart trading decisions. The company’s support team is always ready to address all technical issues, while the personal managers are there to answer all questions and resolve any problems 24/7.

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