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Real reviews of GrandCapital 2020

2018-10-13 TheRoamer

Idk guys why you talk shit about this broker, doesn't seem legit to me. yes, i get it, its impossible to be satisfied with everything 100%, but I am not leaving this one until a better one comes along where I can trade with my BO robots on MT4, which, I foresee, won't happen anytime soon.

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2018-08-24 Koloss

everything was fine but now i am a bit disapointed with this broker. something happened with their terminal this night…like some glitches u know. well stops didn’t work and it was quite strange. this has never happened befor and i hope this was only ‘bout my provider. i am trying to figure it out now...

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2018-08-19 Colo2816

Great broker, so many assets to choose from. They've been slow with adding cryptocurrencies, I almost left when decided to switch to crypto, but than they added plenty

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2018-06-01 Lepricon

also wanna leave my review ‘bout forex trading and ‘bout grand capital in particular. why not hahaha=)) here we go: this broker can waste your depo and stole all your money, this broker can interfere in your trading process at any time and on any stage and can put all blames on you if something goes wrong! it’s not just a saying dudes. i spe t almost all my life trading on forex and i know what i am talkin about .i searched in the internet and found some real ppl who suffered after dealing wit this broker and i found no ppl having good relations with this dc!!!. their regulators always support them. Well you may say how could it be otherwise!?!? it could! there are some fair players that respect market rules, traders and their money. but not this piece of crap. run away from this company.

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2018-04-26 habi2002

grand capital is a super duper dealing center, im telling ya! just a fabulous one, trust me. but it’s only as long as u r in the negative territory... no technical problems and everything is runnin swimmingly. and once u r getting over the positive area, they are trying to bring in this customer-broker agreement under which Grand capital is a king having the final say, right or wrong!!! i mean they can just zero out all your fin operations in a one way fashion. what a hoot)))! one day i could climb to the positive territory within 3 hours. it was ‘bout 2400 bucks according to their chart (tailspin at a minimal market volatility). then their managers started to tell me some hogwash like i had used nonmarket quotes and the market volatility level had been extremely high + stories ‘bout their server failures. they ended up zeroing around 40% of my transactions. i was shocked and sent a complaint to the FMRRC. what can i say is that my request was discussed but not to my advantage))). negative feedback from me and useful experience for newbies. take care!

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2018-08-14 Grand Capital Official

Dear habi2002,

Grand Capital is not and has never been regulated by FMRRC, thus they have no authority to rule on complaints regarding Grand Capital. If this was, indeed, Grand Capital you traded with, please provide your account number so we can investigate your issue.

Grand Capital team.

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  • wide range of financial instruments: 330 currencies, CFD, futures, options.

The company already has a reputation of the reliable partner to trade on Forex, as confirmed by a numerous reviews of “Grand Capital”.

The customers can choose between 4 accounts types, where orders are executed under Market Execution/Instant Execution systems:


  • Minimum deposit - $100
  • Spread - from 0,4 p.
  • Minimum transaction volume - 0.01 of lot
  • Maximum leverage - 1:500


  • Minimum deposit - $10
  • Spread - from 1 p.
  • Minimum transaction volume - 0.01 of lot
  • Maximum leverage - 1:500


  • Minimum deposit - $1000
  • Spread - from 0.4 p.
  • Minimum transaction volume - 0.01 of lot
  • Maximum leverage - 1:100

Swap Free

  • Minimum deposit - $100
  • Spread - from 1 p.
  • Minimum transaction volume - 0.01 of lot
  • Maximum leverage - 1:500

The trading activity with this company is carried out via the standard MetaTrader 4 terminal. There is also the possibility to use mobile services-platforms for Apple and Android devices.

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  • MasterCard and Visa cards
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