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AvaTradeGO has become the best mobile trading app

AvaTradeGO has become the best mobile trading app

AvaTradeGO was named the Best Mobile Forex Trading App by the Global Forex Awards 2020. The broker notes that the founders of this competition advocate cutting-edge technology. The winner is selected based on an open vote.

“AvaTradeGO only needs a couple of seconds to launch. After that, the trader can start trading in global markets that were previously only available to hedge funds and investment banks, said CEO Dair Ferguson. “Today, people are realizing that they can join trading with the click of a button. We are proud of our application and the fact that it was appreciated at the Global Forex Awards. "

AvaTradeGO makes trading the financial markets as easy and comfortable as possible. Users receive step-by-step instructions for opening deals, high-quality support. Traders can manage multiple accounts. The app features intuitive control tools, clear diagrams and detail scaling.

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